The DRY LOG Anniversary—Challenge & Change!

The DRY LOG Anniversary—Challenge & Change!

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Last month’s May 2020 issue of The Dry Log was the 13th edition published since the first one, May 2019.  It marks over a year of production for Rytech’s first corporate periodical–a year of growth, challenge, and change.  Aside from the articles, pictures and informative content, The Dry Log has some features YOU may not be aware of, including many improvements over the last 13 months designed to enhance your experience and help meet the Dry Logs original goals set forth over a year ago.

The Dry Log may be a bit of an online historical record for Rytech, archiving much of the history of one of the fastest growing water franchise operations in America.

Inaugurated by Rytech Owner and CEO, Bubba Ryan, the May 2019 issue featured a columned format, with pictures, highlights, cartoons, miscellaneous articles of interest and features of employees, franchises, Rytech departments and much more.  It was all new and well received but, the four page format was limited in scope and difficult to produce or navigate.

So, The Dry Log team went to work finding what made more sense in terms of layout and a better fit for Rytech’s already substantial social footprint.

Readers of The Dry Log may not even know that it now has a tab at the top of Rytech’s home page at  You also might not know that The Dry Log has its’ own website at where each monthly edition is archived for future reference.  When on the site, and after choosing “Read the latest Dry Log Newsletter”, select the pancake icon (upper left) and choose “contents view” from the drop down menu. This displays every issue of The Dry Log published to date, clickable and readable for historical research.  Might not mean much today, but…what about ten years from now when you need that little known institutional factoid from way back when?

For starters, and for your reading pleasure, here’s a list of articles specifically about individual franchises, beginning with the first Dry Log in May 2019.  Kudo’s to each franchise for success working within the Rytech system and for their contributions to the Dry Log.  

Rytech: Coast to Coast – May 2019

2018 Franchise of the Year–Chattanooga –  June 2019

Featured Franchise—Nashville – July 2019

Featured Franchise—Ventura County –  August 2019

Managing Growth in “Chicagoland” – September 2019


Rytech San Diego–A Winning Proposition –  October 2019

Big Operation in a Big State—Texas! – November 2019

Featured Franchise—The Midlands – December 2019  

The Philadelphia Franchise—“Making a Living Making a Difference” – January 2019

Featured Franchise—The Small World–Memphis Tennessee – February 2020

Rytech Treasure Coast—A Win-Win Gift Drive – March 2020

Hope you enjoy reading The Dry Log. Please feel free to share comments and suggestions for improvement with the editors at Johnson Strategies, LLC ( or Dyan Kurtz, VP Business Relations

 NOTE: To review all previous Dry Logs go to and hover over the pancake icon (upper left).  Then, choose “contents view” from the drop down menu.