Thanks to all Rytech’s “tech’s” for remarkable work helping customers through very traumatic times!

Thanks to all Rytech’s “tech’s” for remarkable work helping customers through very traumatic times!

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When a storm hits, the entire Rytech organization responds–this last year was the worst ever for multiple storms in multiple Rytech states. But the 2020 season ended November 31st.  and it’s time to pause and recognize the Ryte-Tech Award winners who were on the front line.

Ryte-Tech Award winners are those with the greatest number of “Fantastic Customer Surveys,” clean drywall cuts, posted pictures of a “shiny” blue Rytech van, tightly sealed containment areas, yard signs, training courses and much more.

Please meet the most recent winners, August–November 2020.


The August 2020 Ryte-Tech Winner was Mr. Kelly Sepulveda with Rytech of Central Florida. 

Kelly Sepulveda

Before coming to work at Rytech (August 18, 2020) he was a Parts Administrator for a Swiss watch company–maybe you’ve heard of Hublot.  The best thing about working at Rytech Kelly says is “…my team and also being able to help families when they’re suffering through unfortunate events.”    

From working at a watch company to the tough physical work of water remediation is a long trek, for anyone.  But Kelly was prepared.  His pastime is, well…anything that has to do with conditioning and training.

“I have a two year old, so I need to stay up to speed” he jokes.  But the truth is he also loves rock climbing, skydiving, and extreme sports of all kinds.

Kelly’s future? “To advance in the company, get certified in all the area’s they offer and to continue helping my team whenever they need me.”

Welcome to the Rytech family Kelly Sepulveda and congratulations on your well-deserved award!

August 2020‐Honorable Mentions
Carlos Sepulveda – Rytech of the Tri Counties (FL)
Ronald Allen – Rytech of Middle Georgia (GA)
TIE  Cameron Sturns – Rytech of Houston (TX)
TIE  Daniel Moreno – Rytech of West Coast San Diego (CA)


The September 2020 Ryte-Tech Winner was Mr. Jared Drullinger with Rytech of the Tri-State, Georgia.

Jared & fiancé’ Kaitlin Hoxit

This is a new franchise and Jared has worked there since it opened on September 1, 2020.  “I love having the ability to come into a home during a catastrophic loss, put them at ease and then, helping them get their house and their life back together.” 

And that says it all because the truth is, Jared is a nationally awarded 2018 Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. Earning badges while helping others build their future has always been part of his life.

Today he’s an avid outdoorsman. “I love hunting duck and deer. I love fishing and camping.” 

And just like the badges he proudly pinned on his Scouting uniform,  “…my goal is to get this franchise up and running, to the best of my ability and to make the honor of working for Rytech known to all those who see the name on my chest.”

Rytech is just as proud of you Jared Drullinger. Thanks for joining the family and working so hard to help others!

September 2020‐Honorable Mentions
Christopher Hoffman – Rytech of Tallahassee (FL)
Kyle Johnson – Rytech of North Central Florida (FL)
TIE  Bruce Irick – Rytech of the Pee Dee Florence-Myrtle Beach (SC)
TIE  Ryan Moore – Rytech of North Central Florida (FL)
TIE  Norman Smith – Rytech of the Pee Dee Florence-Myrtle Beach (SC)
TIE  Johnny Morris – Rytech of NW Georgia (GA)


The October 2020 Ryte-Tech Winner is Mr. Michael Anderson; also with Rytech of the Tri-State, Georgia.

Michael Anderson

He, too, has been with Rytech only a short while since the opening of this new franchise. He came to the Tri-State family after being a machine operator at a manufacturing plant–the difference between then and now is “people.”

“I love helping homeowners in their time of need” Michael says and especially “…spending time with family and friends and working on a better future.” 

Michael understands that Rytech can help him get the future he wants.  “I want to see this company grow and I would like for Rytech to set the example of what a remediation company should be.”

Well Michael Anderson, with your desire to help homeowners in need, Rytech will keep on as the absolute best example of professional water & mold remediation. Thanks for joining our family!

October 2020‐Honorable Mentions
Ryan Taylor – Rytech of Central Florida (FL)
Jared Drullinger – Rytech of the Tri State (FL)
Cory Williams – Rytech of Tallahassee (FL)


The November 2020 Ryte-Tech Winner is Mr. Dan Tanzillo with Rytech of DuPage County, Illinois.  

Dan Tanzillo

Dan’s a newcomer to Rytech, having only been with the DuPage County team since August, but…he’s an experienced restoration technician having been in the industry for the last ten years.

“I truly love the work,” he says explaining it’s not as mundane as some might think… “I like the everyday challenges and problem solving on the fly.”  That, frankly, is quite apparent since his primary long term goal is to own his own franchise.

Meanwhile, Dan has two young kids to take care of and to enjoy. “My hobbies are playing outside with my kids and teaching them all the wonderful new things the world has to offer.”

Great job Dan Tanzillo, you’re on the Ryte track with the right company.  Welcome to the Rytech family and congratulations on your first Ryte-Tech Award.

November 2020‐Honorable Mentions
TIE  Edward Gamard – Rytech of Gulf Coast Mississippi (MS)
TIE Eric Vargas – Rytech of DuPage County (IL)
Nick Nelson – Rytech of Charlotte (NC)
TIE  Austin Clements – Rytech of DuPage County (IL)
TIE Jason Guyse – Rytech of Orlando (FL)