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Rytech’s Triangle of Service isn’t just an emblem. It’s an integral part of maintaining a customer oriented mission based on an absolute guarantee of professional treatment. Every day Rytech receives hundreds of reviews from all over the country raving about the exceptional work of its franchises. They are given to onsite technicians or recorded on the internet. Rytech rewards those technicians with the most “rave reviews” and catalogues them for training purposes and for distribution to carriers so they know their policyholders are being taken care of properly.

It’s all about doing things the Ryte way!

The following is just a small sample of the “rave reviews” received in 2019

Lin B.
Patterson, NY

Water Damage, Mold restoration
I just finished having my basement restored after water damage. My whole experience started with the technician Chris. I found him to be extremely fast, helpful, reassuring and accommodating from the very beginning. He brought my stress level down and he explained everything to me, step by step. In a matter of a very short time, all the damage, including mold was removed, disinfected and ready for the next stage with a renovation company. When all of the work was completed, I called Rytech back to set up a moving company to come back to unload my POD. I am very thankful and appreciative for the service Chris provided, including the unpack ! He is a very big asset to your company! 5 Stars to Chris !


Danielle M.
Austin, TX

Mold Consultation
My insurance company recommended I get a second opinion from Rytech on the mold in my bathroom. Amy was easy to schedule with and very helpful. She contradicted the first company and was trustworthy. I will definitely recommend Rytech to my friends.


Maura F.
Yonkers, NY

Grateful for the service!
Chris (out of Westchester County) was incredibly informative and helpful through my process of gauging the damage of a flood in my home. He came twice and answered all of my questions patiently. I am relieved to have worked with him during this jarring situation!


Arfakhashad M.
Simi Valley, CA

Outstanding Service for Mold Remediation
Superb! Superb! Superb! I contacted Rytech for the accumulation of mold and water damages under the kitchen sink. After learning the mold had become a serious concern, I left a message around midnight to discuss my problem. I received a phone call the next morning at 8 am and was greeted by Nicole Stone. She immediately scheduled a consultation with Matthew Stone at 10 am that same morning. Mr. Stone provided an outstanding service on multiple accounts. First, he immediately came to my residence to discover the problem. Second, he provided an in-depth review of the problem and recommendations to the remediation. Third, he made himself available at all times, including text messages in the middle of the night to make certain that my questions were answered, scheduling the remediation on-time and immediately to take care of the problem, and best advice to handle such household issues that can occur. As a first time home buyer, I was anxious and worried about the situation; however, Mr. Stone made sure that he will be involved throughout the process to take care of any needs or problems. I was truly amazed and blessed to have Mr. Stone help me in this process. Mr. Stone and Rytech has done such a superb job with everything and ensured that I have nothing to worry about!


Kim B.
Nashville, TN

Moisture/Mold Inspection
I would highly recommend Rytech. The technician arrived promptly and was courteous and professional. We required an inspection for mold and moisture in a ceiling area following a recent repair of a plumbing leak. Rytech provided the assurance that there was no mold nor moisture problems, utilizing the latest technology.

My wife and I feel confident with the work that Rytech provided.


Derdra B.
Houston, TX

Professionalism After Storm Imelda in Houston, Texas
Hello, our home was impacted by Storm Imelda in Houston, Texas around September 19, 2019. We immediately filed a claim and decided to use Rytech Houston to assess our water/mold damages and to repair them. Rashad Kennedy responded with 2 other gentlemen, and the assessment began. Rashad explained in detail what he discovered after investigating the entire home. Once that was completed, the standing water was absorbed into a machine, and the tear out of the sheetrock, baseboards, etc. began. Equipment was installed all over the home to dry the house and to remove all moisture from the air as was explained by Rashad. The drying process would take 3 days. On the 3rd day, the equipment would be moved. On the 2nd day, Rashad returned and used some hand-held instrument to determine the pace at which the walls were drying, and said that they were progressing as they should. The next day, he returned, and removed ALL of the equipment by himself in less than 30 minutes.
We couldn’t have asked for a more professional job. Thank you, Rytech Houston! If ever we need this type of service, again, which, no offense, we hope we never have to, we would not hesitate to call you or to recommend you to others.

Thanks, again!


Joseph L.
San Diego, CA

Excellent service!
Alonso and his assistant Sergio were very punctual, courteous, and professional. They always cleaned up after their work and answered any questions I had. Very positive experience under the circumstances and would certainly call them again!


Maria P.
San Diego, CA

Daniel on your team is the best EVER!
I had a water damage issue and Daniel came out to do the demo and was so meticulous and careful when protecting my bathroom. He had such a calm demeanor and made the entire experience so much less stressful for me. It is truly the best EVER! and I’d recommend him all day long!


Phil C.
Andy R.
Ft. Myers, FL

Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Placed a call at 7:30 A.M. They had their equipment and team to my house by 9 A.M. Not only did they clean up the mess, they dried and folded our towels that we used to try and stop the water from spreading. They kept track of everything they needed to move, and everything our adjuster might want to see. Extremely professional and courteous. Gave us calls on when they needed to come back and check equipment, and when they would be taking it away. Made the cleanup process quick and easy. Will call in a heartbeat if they are ever needed again!


Huntington Beach, CA

These guys know their stuff
We first started dealing with Rene and his crew about 2 weeks ago. Rene and his guys were professional, empathetic to our needs, patient and knowledgeable. I could not have asked him more questions and he patiently answered each one (sometimes twice). They explained the process completely and took the suspense out of what was going to happen. These guys are mechanics and know water mitigation cold. I will recommend them to anyone.


John T.
Santa Fe, NM

Excellent and prompt service
The New Mexico team took care of my challenging needs with little notice and total professionalism. A roof leak led to water leaking into a shallow attic space. With concerns of mold and unknown water damage inside the attic, I needed Rytech to test the air quality and determine how much moisture intruded the space while the roof was in the middle of being replaced. Dave and his assistant drove 60 miles to meet me with no time to spare. Given a small access hole and tight maneuverability the team moved right in and took the wet material out. The results were favorable and I was able to proceed with the roof replacement. A huge relief given the threat of a new storm, exposed roof deck, and a roofing company anxious to get the house dried in.
I would recommend Rytech to anyone in the New Mexico territory. One very satisfied customer.


Luz M.
Kissimmee, FL

Your Company was referred by Florida Family Insurance
Technician Rob Flaven was assigned to us. Rob did an excellent job! He was personable and he showed genuine concern for our safety. From the first day to the end, he did his job professionally, yet he was easy to speak to.

Thank you Rob!