Rytech Treasure Coast— A Win-Win Gift Drive!

Rytech Treasure Coast— A Win-Win Gift Drive!

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Who wouldn’t want to help at-risk children enjoy a better Christmas?  What business wouldn’t like the benefits of earned media and a financially sound advertising investment?  Combining the two is not only smart, the owners of Rytech Treasure Coast found out it’s also very gratifying.  

Rytech’s Treasure Coast franchise worked to serve both their business and their community which includes the Florida counties of Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee and Highlands, with a Holiday Gift Drive.

First challenge, finding the right partner. For the last two Holiday seasons owners David and Maria MacInnes and their staff have teamed with Guardians for New Futures, (GFNF), a charity helping underprivileged children.  According to Maria, the project manager… “We wanted to help our community and Debbie Butler, president of GFNF had a vision just like mine–to both give back and to grow her organization.” 

Both GFNF and Rytech worked beneath the umbrella of Communities Connected for Kids, (CCFK) the local child-welfare system for Okeechobee and the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Contracted by Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF), it called Rytech a “Wonderful community sponsor” and posted a video of Rytech’s participation in the GFNF Christmas toy event.  Anyone wanting to know more about how successful this event was for promoting the Rytech brand should take the time to watch this short video. You’ll be glad you did. 

Maria MacInnes—It is our mission going forward to expand our charity events to the best of our ability!

GFNF’s Holiday Gift Drive helps children throughout the Treasure Coast who are victims of maltreatment and, thanks to the generosity of businesses like Rytech, the program has given Christmas presents to more than 5,000 children.  

Zachary Abel and Mario Chavis outside local attorney firm

Don’t confuse this with Toys for Tots, sponsored by the Marine Corp. That effort features an event where donors bring gifts and the Marines pick them up for distribution later.  While getting enough businesses willing to donate is certainly a challenge, under the GFNF format, the tough part is picking up 1500 or so gifts and ultimately getting them in the hands of more than a thousand deserving children each year. 

And, that’s where Rytech Treasure Coast comes in.  “We only used our trucks for toy pick-up during working hours that week and we serviced our clients at night or early morning,” Maria says.   GFNF is connected to many prominent non-profits like: Impact 100 St. Lucie, Communities Connected for Kids, The Chamber of Commerce, and the Treasure Coast Builders Association. “Together with my Rytech Treasure Coast family and GFNF we were able to pick up toys from the generous hearts of different business in the Treasure Coast area.”

Maria explains that “… our big blue Rytech wrapped trucks were seen everywhere and every business and their customers will remember that we were there!”  The business’s that Rytech worked hand-in-glove with included: a prominent law firm, two automobile dealers, a retirement home, a stockbroker, a radio station (101.3), Keiser University and many more.

Maria MacInnes–We have been working on getting to know the movers and shakers in our market. This will lead to introductions to people in high places and lead to increased visibility as well as helping us stand out from those in our industry who don’t always behave so well.

When asked what she enjoyed most, Maria says “Just the gratefulness and sincere appreciation for the use of Rytech’s work trucks and the joy that everyone exhibited in participating during Christmas time.”

Maria says her employees, of which she is very proud, now look forward to this event as a break from their usual routines.  In addition to Maria, Mario Chavis, Veronica Sparrow, Zack Abel, Vincent Abel, all with Rytech Treasure Coast, not only drove and loaded trucks but, they bonded with the firms they may someday do work for. 

Profitable? You betcha! And, the only investment was their time and a smile.

What could be more of a “Win-Win” than that?

Maria and Zachary Abel

Maria and Mario Chavez at Chevrolet Dealership

At Keiser University: Westley Sparrow, Mario Chavis, Zachary Abel, unknown rep for Keiser University and Maria.

Employees of Audi Dealership (Stuart, FL) are among the many business’s Rytech Treasure Coast worked with.