Rytech Training – Making All the Difference

Rytech Training – Making All the Difference

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It may not mean much to the outside world but, inside Rytech beats the heart of a system built around well trained people—technicians, managers, franchise owners. It’s all knowledge based and trainer dependent. And, it all starts with David Ayers and Randy Arnold.

While their personalities help them impart comprehensive technical information in an easily understood and interesting fashion, it’s their resume’s that guarantee that what they impart is the latest science applied to the most unique system of drying and mold remediation in the industry—the Rytech System.

For starters, meet David Ayers (pictured below). After eight-plus years with a franchise he decided to apply at the corporate office because, as he says “… I believed in the system and what we are building.” He’s held roles of mold remediation technician, water technician, Operations Manager, Field Service Coordinator and is an IICRC Master Water Restorer, Florida State licensed mold remediator and assessor and Rytech’s current Assistant Director of Operations.

He was also Rytech’s 2016 Employee of the Year.

Now meet Randy Arnold (pictured below). Currently Rytech’s National Field Service Coordinator, he once owned his own restoration company and in 2014 opened his own environmental testing company. He moved to Rytech in 2015 as a mold remediation operations manager in Atlanta with a list of certifications that reads like it came from Guinness’s book. He holds six certifications with IICRC; he’s a Board Certified Indoor Environmentalist with the ACAC (American Council for Accredited Certification); he holds Lead Tester and Lead Assessor Certifications with the Environmental Institute (EI); and he has specialized safety training from OSHA including the 7600 Disaster site worker/supervisor course.

Rytech’s training programs are diverse and accommodate both its commitment to excellence and its remarkable growth. With so many new franchises new franchise training classes are taught once every three months and are available to any existing employees at no cost. It’s a comprehensive, jam-packed two-week program. The first week, in Sharpsburg Georgia, covers every aspect of field operations—particularly the religious application of the MICA field piece where all information is placed in the Rytech online system, because… “If it’s not in MICA it didn’t happen!”

It also covers all aspects of running a Rytech Franchise, from how to properly introduce yourself at the front door to properly drying out a structure. Franchisees receive hands-on instruction. Trainers actually flood a house so students can dry it out, properly, the Ryte way. In the same week students learn water and mold remediation, safety, estimating practices and how to interact with adjusters in phone calls and face-to-face interactions. It’s not just a lecture environment but, a mixture of classroom training and role playing onsite at the flood house. It’s the real world, up close and personal.

The second week is at corporate headquarters, Kennesaw GA. Students meet in-house personnel, including and especially, the Mitigation Data Specialists but, also Administration, Marketing and the Senior Management Team. The Operations manual (The Rytech Bible) is covered in great detail along with all Service Level Agreements with carriers and their expectations from every Franchise.

Finally, and most proudly, Rytech teaches company adjusters throughout the country on what they need to know to adjust water and mold losses. From the basics, the job processes and how to identify different prices of equipment, to reviewing estimates for accuracy and invoices for inflation, this class builds trust with carriers and promotes a mutually profitable relationship between Rytech and over 200 new company adjusters every year.

David Ayers, Trainer--Asst. Director of Operations

Randy Arnold, Trainer—National Field Service Coordinator

Franchise Training Inside the Laboratory

Week one training by Randy Arnold in the “Flood House”.

Randy & David—Basics of Water Damage & Mold Remediation for adjusters

Training adjusters for one of Rytech’s valued clients on use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)—September 2019