Rytech San Diego—A Winning Proposition

Rytech San Diego—A Winning Proposition

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Dylan Brankovich began working in residential construction for his father’s company in 2002.  In 2006 he became the foreman for Milan M. Djokich Construction, where he rose to supervisor of all field operations.  Today he holds IICRC Certs for: (WRT)(ASD)(AMRT) and is a partner in Rytech San Diego.

Dylan and his partner Milan Djokich own one of Rytech’s winningest franchises.  Dylan (pronounced die-len) manages day-to-day operations and a team of 20 employees, including: five lead technicians, one operations manager, one EMS manager, one office manager, one marketing director and eleven more onsite workers responsible for the final touches that make every job a winning proposition.  

2017 Founders Club Award;. L to R, Randy Kerlin, COO Rytech; Dylan; Jay Straughn, CBO, Rytech.

And winning isn’t just about “winning business”, something this franchise has proven it can do quite well, it’s about winning over customers the Ryte way, “one job at a time.”  

Satisfying customers is what it’s all about, according to Dylan, whose franchise includes most of San Diego county and south Orange County, California.  Recently a customer wrote “I got quotes from three different companies.  One was very pushy for me to do an insurance claim while Rytech and the other company agreed it was not necessary.  That alone made me feel good.”

Jobs range from $1500 or less for, say…leaky toilets, to $122,000 or more for extensive fire and water damage.  Work differs from job to job based on many factors; size being just one.  But, the workmanship is consistently pristine.

A homeowner with a small toilet leak said “…my insurance called out Rytech. Antonio is absolutely amazing. He was dependable, did what he said he would do, and always answered my questions quickly and the attention to detail–from preparing my house for the foot traffic of contractors, to the final clean-up, was very impressive. He was the cleanest contractor I’ve ever had!!!! Antonio is so dedicated he even came to my house over Labor Day weekend. Can’t ask for better service.”

Coach Lou Holtz (L), congratulates Dylan on $1.4 million in annual revenues.

Dylan loves the work almost as much as he loves to compete.  Thirty-five years old and single he doesn’t watch a lot of team sports.  He loves Yoga, weightlifting and CrossFit but says; “what I really enjoy are combat sports like Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and boxing.”  

And Dylan still spends his days, some nights and too many weekends on the job winning over customers.

In 2017 customer Scott Swartz had his entire first floor ruined when his family’s washing machine supply line burst.  “My neighbor heard from a friend that Rytech was the company to call.”  he said. “We called on a Saturday afternoon and they had someone at our house within a couple of hours. They took us through the house and explained our situation in detail. Not only were they extremely knowledgeable they were extremely kind to us as well as our two young children. The next morning we had a crew at our house ready to go. The crew even helped me load items into the car since we had to leave due to the amount of work that needed to be done. I have never seen a company prep the way they did. Not one bit of dust from the sheet rock seeped into the rest of the house and when I returned to the house it was spotless. Great Company! I would recommend to anyone.”

2016 Franchise of the Year, Rytech San Diego.

Dylan and business partner Milan, (age 39, married with three children), started out together in the construction business.  They wanted to expand into something a bit more recession proof.  “Rytech was well known in California and had large service areas we were familiar with. It was the perfect fit.”

“Most people plan to retire” says Dylan.  But, Rytech’s franchise has given him different options. “I don’t ever want to retire now” he says, “I will eventually move into Real Estate investing and operate other businesses.” 

Dylan Brankovich and Milan Djokich, winning partners in a winning franchise.