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RYTECH & PLNAR—Planning, Innovation & Partnership

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You may find it hard to believe but, 40% of policyholders now expect virtual self-service claims handling. Using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Technology from PLNAR (pronounced ‘Planner’), Rytech and its closest company partners are working together to help property claimants achieve efficient, streamlined claims handling.

The market landscape for insurance companies has undergone major shifts over the last decade, and it’s not slowing down. This is largely due to rapid digital transformation that requires insurance companies to take a careful, critical look at how they build relationships with their customers and whether or not their current user journeys, experiences and processes cultivate a high level of satisfaction.

Likewise with those they partner with, especially vendors remediating the number one ‘cause of loss’ for property coverages, water damage. Rytech is proud to join with those bringing a fully digital platform enabling self-service claims via a smart phone as a means to put the desk adjuster on-site, inside the home, without the usual expense associated with doing so.

Those who are skeptical should watch this video.

For some time Rytech has been working with product developers, carriers and homeowners who will each use and benefit from this futuristic form of property claims handling.

Here’s how it works:

1.) Using the PLNAR platform via an app easily downloaded to a smart phone, homeowner’s with interior damage, or a field adjuster or 3rd party first responder like Rytech, takes photo(s) and sends them to the desk adjuster.

2.) PLNAR automatically generates fully-realized interactive 3D room models from the photos.

3.) The desk adjuster can add annotations, take room measurements, update 2D & 3D models in real time, generate reports and use other fully integrated digital adjusting tools such as Xactimate, Symbility from CoreLogic and insurer’s claims management systems to completely resolve the claim.

According to surveys even policyholders who don’t want to do the work often say, “I’d rather take the pictures and work with an adjuster on my smart phone than have somebody in my house.”  Andy Greff—PLNAR CEO

Adjusters can spend more time building customer relationships, answering questions and processing claims rather than focusing on time-consuming manual scoping to be analyzed later. For more simple claims, PLNAR allows desk adjusters to deliver quicker payouts, while delighting customers with virtual self-service and a flexible settlement.

Your Dry Log editors enjoyed a Podcast from InsureTech (Ep 116-PLNAR CEO, Andy Greff). You can too here and fast forward to 28.33 to hear of Rytech’s involvement via the man on point, Chief Business Development Officer Jay Straughan.

Jay Straughan, Rytech

Jay’s excitement over PLNAR and Rytech’s role is apparent and understandable. “We are onsite a few hours from the minute notice is given of a loss” he says “…so, using PLNAR, we can provide a 3D, measurable image of the damage to the desk adjuster who writes an accurate estimate to repair the damage if needed. – I say ‘if needed’ because whenever possible, Rytech will dry the structure without demolishing any of the affected materials.”

The full message here isn’t merely the fascinating changes taking place in the world of technology. It’s more the collaboration Rytech embraces with carriers and tech innovators to move the industry ahead.

Insurer cost reductions (direct and indirect) from PLNAR are beyond remarkable, that’s for sure. But the ability to simplify the claim process for consumers while at the same time providing them more control is transformative. Carriers, TPA’s and vendors like Rytech who partner with them should be proud to be part of a better future for the entire property insurance industry.

Learn more at PLNAR’s website where you can request a demo or pilot program and download a white paper outlining the full potential of this amazing new claims technology.