Rytech North Central Florida—New Marketing Rep

Rytech North Central Florida—New Marketing Rep

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Even Florida, a state where Rytech is available in virtually every city and berg, there’s still room for marketing. That’s why Barbara (Barb) Lynch was hired to “do the Marketing” for Rytech, North Central Florida. 

Congratulations Barbara Lynch!                            

Officially, Marketing is defined as creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging products and services that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.  At least that’s the “approved” definition.  

TOMA or Top-of Mind awareness, according to Wikipedia, refers to a brand or specific product being first in a customers’ mind when thinking of a particular industry. Top-of-mind awareness is defined within Marketing as: “The first brand that comes to mind when a customer is asked an unprompted question about a category.”  Say “water”, “mold” or “remediation” and Rytech should come into focus.

Easier said than done for a franchised water remediation firm competing in a highly nuanced   marketplace. That’s why Barb Lynch was brought on aboard (March 1, 2021)–she’s a marketing and brand building specialist who also understands the goals of Rytech with whom she has been a “referral partner and friend” for many years.

Tony Black, Owner Rytech North Central Fla.

“I have been a personal friend of Amber Payne, VP of Marketing for over 15 years” she says, “we met in BNI.”  BNI, for those who don’t know,  is an American franchised network organization with over 10,000 chapters all over the world.  Each chapter meets weekly to discuss business and support other members businesses by sharing referrals.

Franchise owner Tony Black, who hired Barb, worked as Operations Manager for many years before purchasing the franchise, which subsequently became Franchise of the Year and earned Tony the Rytech Outstanding Achievement Award multiple times.  

Previously, Tony says, the job of marketing was performed by Amber Payne “who helped me part time.” But, eventually Tony needed assistance.  “Barb hit the ground running from day one” he says, “in just a couple of weeks she made several connections and got us numerous jobs.”

Tony says,  “Amber and Barb are also putting together marketing plans for my franchise and Orlando and I’m looking forward to big things.” 

Barb Building the Brand

Barb is certainly up to the task. “I have been in Marketing for over 30 years!” she says with pride and “..the last 4 were full time with an HVAC & Plumbing company.”  

Barb also knows the business-side of both marketing and brand building having owned businesses herself. “I owned two business which I sold in 2017.”  And…  “…Prior to moving to Florida in 2001 I worked for Symantec & Apple as a software trainer helping over 1000 sales associates.” 

She loves working at Rytech, particularly this franchise. “It’s family owned and operated from top to bottom”–which all fits well with her pastime, writing children’s books.  “I have 3 already.”

Speaking of family, Barb has raised 4 sons and is currently “Nana” to twin 5 year old grandsons Tommy and Ryan. “My husband [Tom Sr.] is a retired environmental driller which now equips him to serve non-profits around the world assisting with water wells bringing safe water to those without!!”

Barbs long-term is a mouthful but includes Pilates, travel and lots of reading as a minimum.  And, of course, plenty of giving back… “My passion is to help others–whether serving in my local church or overseas helping non-profits have safe water to drink!”

“I want to continue to go and do…until I’m done and gone!”

Rytech is proud to be part of Barbara’s journey.


Barb’s 3rd children’s book

Sons Tom Jr. & Timmy; husband Tom Center & twins Tommy & Ryan

Barb (Nana) & Tommy