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RYTECH MIDLANDS—Defining Rytech’s Symbol of Service

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It’s a true story and one of the most fortuitous job sites a water remediation company can have—especially a 24/7/365 firm like Rytech.

It was a three story loss responded to by Rytech of the Midlands, Upstate and Pee Dee South Carolina at the request of the South Carolina Regional Office of Farm Bureau Insurance.  

Of course, as long as Rytech has been around, and considering how many states it operates in, it’s likely that somewhere along the way a large property carrier summoned a Rytech franchise to remediate a home office loss. But even if it’s happened before, it’s rare and very fortuitous when it does.

Word of the Midlands loss began to spread on social media with the following:

“Look at Rytech of the Midlands,Upstate, and Pee Dee South Carolina responding to a three story water loss at the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation Building in Downtown Columbia. Amazing response time and excellent drying service got this building back up and running in record time!! Great job, guys!!!”

The insinuation, of course, is that doing a good job for an insurance company can bring many more job referrals down the road. And, what’s wrong with that?

Project Mgr. Miles Martinez, containment & air movers

Frankly, one of the two owners of Rytech of the Midlands is Anthony Curtis. See article Featured Franchise—The Midlands. Having graduated from the University of South Carolina and later earning a master’s in education, he began his career path in 2002 as an adjuster with the South Carolina Farm Bureau. Later he transitioned to Nationwide Insurance as a large loss property adjuster.   

Anthony’s early adjusting experience was symbiotic. In the first seven months of operation his contacts helped drive record breaking revenues. “I knew a lot of people, adjusters, company folks, so I reached out to all of them, directly contacting over 150 who could send us work,” Anthony said. “It was slow at first. But then, in about sixty days, things really took off!”

So, does Rytech of the Midlands know what insurers want when it comes to water loss mitigation either for their policyholders or themselves?  You bet it does!

Sunday: Miles removes baseboards for drying

And, in this specific case, according to Director of Marketing, Tonya Baughman, “We got a call early in the night, had our equipment set within hours and were drying out 3 stories of water damage caused by a sudden broken pipe. We were able to help get the employees of the building back to work quickly and had everything dried and taken care of in record time. Why? How? Because Rytech is the Triangle of Excellence! Customer Service/Control Severity/Cycle Time.”

The drying began late Saturday night, but the team met at Farm Bureau Sunday morning.  Anthony Curtis was there, along with Sr. Project Mgr., Clint Griffiths, Tonya Baughman, Miles Martinez, (a former Ryte-Tech winner), all converged for the very important 24-hour equipment check.

Ultimately, Tonya says, “we actually had them up and running with 3-stories worth of employees back in their offices on the Tuesday immediately following the loss.” 

Ethan Smith–cubicle containment

The main area of loss was the 2nd floor but, as the pictures show, water was on three floors– moving from the second floor to the first and then down to the basement. A top priority was  protecting each employee’s workspace as much as possible, keeping moisture contained, and the furniture, papers, claim files, computers completely free from any upstairs water.   

One of those workspaces was that of the South Carolina Farm Bureau’s President, Harry Ott. He sent a special “Thank You” note to the Midlands team in response to the appreciation basket they’d left on his clean, dry, ready-for-work desk, the next morning.

Also, according to Tonya, when asked how often The Midlands gets a chance to impress an insurer with their service and response time, she answered:  “We treat each call like it’s a big opportunity for more business, because it is.” And she remembers “…the time we were called by State Farm’s local agent.  It was another tough job, but… it’s been non-stop referrals ever since.”   

Thomas Moran & Dom Atkinson, wrapping the president’s office.

It’s jobs like these that not only build the brand but build a profitable franchise.  The folks in South Carolina are on their 5th franchise and, in fact, within 3 years have purchased 4 more franchises, including: Midlands, Upstate, Florence/Myrtle beach and Gwinnett Ga.

Congratulations to the entire South Carolina team. So many jobs, so well done!






Utility Room, Dehumidifier & Dryers

Moisture found in the Basement

1st floor Air Handlers