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Rytech—Five-Star Feedback!

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Last year’s July edition of The Dry Log featured an article extolling the virtues of Rytech’s new partnership with the nationally recognized customer survey firm GuildQuality.

The partnership has proven its’ worth, not only in Five-Star reviews for Rytech but, in feedback consistent with its’ customer promise.

As one of the fastest growing mitigation companies in America, Rytech realizes growth is the result of many factors, especially the guarantee of customer satisfaction.

That’s why Rytech joined with GuildQuality–to help it capture, analyze and respond to the needs of the rapidly increasing number of Rytech residential and commercial end users.   

With today’s ubiquitous online sales and service promotions, reviews are one of the primary methods consumers use to choose companies to do business with. More than 90 percent of online shoppers read reviews before selecting a business, and 23 percent say to make an informed decision those reviews need to be timely.

It works like this…

GuildQuality’s team of surveyors contact every Rytech customer via email and phone, ensuring unbiased, comment-rich feedback and consistency from every customer. 

Then, GuildQuality helps Rytech track and assess both individual, company and franchise performance. 

Rytech believes that even the occasional negative comment is important and needs to be responded to promptly and respectfully even before addressing procedures to keep it from happening again. There is no cherry-picking! Every review is posted!

The following are just some of Rytech’s 2021 Five-Star reviews.  They’re from one or more of 59 franchises in various Rytech states, including: Rhode Island, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Florida, Texas, Philadelphia, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington DC and more. Again, these are just examples, but…they’ve all been verified and are the direct result of Rytech simply caring about its’ customers and reacting to their feedback.

WENDY M. · La Habra, CA · May 03, 2021

I woke up Monday morning to a flooded kitchen, 4:30 AM. After I logged into my insurance company’s website to file a claim, a pop up window asked if I would like water mitigation services, or something like that. I said yes. By the time I had finished logging my claim, Maria from Rytech called me. She was very kind, pleasant, helpful, empathetic, and explained that they were approved vendors of my insurance company, and that someone could be out that very day to help evaluate the situation. Marcos was there by 9 AM with a moisture detector and a professional demeanor. We discussed the situation, and he gave me a rough idea of what to expect from the insurance company, repairs, etc. It took my insurance company 48 hours to assign a rep; but every question I had before then, Marcos or Maria answered fully. Their pack team packed up everything downstairs; their demo team took out all the water damaged walls and floors; they left dehumidifiers and fans until the studs in the walls registered ZERO moisture. Every employee I encountered was kind and professional, and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone.

Customer in Quincy, MA- Aug 22, 2021

The Rytech team were quick to respond, communicated clearly, and were friendly and professional throughout our entire engagement. They made dealing with a flooded first floor much easier than it would have been otherwise.

DEAN G. – Rio Rancho, NM · Aug 09, 2021

I’m using a cell phone so don’t have much patience with tapping through an arduous compliment. Professional treatment, I felt I was well taken care of from start to Finish. Daniel kept me apprised through the entire process. Extremely courteous with every conversation we’ve had.

Customer in San Diego, CA · Apr 18, 2021

While our kitchen sink backup, extensive water damage to our Unit and the subsequent mitigation and demolition were conducted in February, we were only able to complete parts of the review pertaining to accessibility and communication at that time. We were out of the country and had to rely largely on phone and email contacts between our management team, the Rytech representative, and ourselves. Long distance made this particularly difficult, but we were super pleased with Antonio and the regular feedback and photos he sent, and his timely responses to all our questions and concerns.

Elsa N. Tampa, FL · Aug 27, 2021

I think they are very professional. Based on what they do with mold, they take every precaution to make sure that you are safe while they work. For someone with Asthma, that was really important to me. They took every step to make sure I wouldn’t breathe in any of the mold that was in my bathroom and bedroom. I didn’t have to use my inhaler, and I usually have to use my inhaler often. They left my house cleaner than when they first came.

Josephine M. Yardley, PA · Jun 01, 2021

Every employee from Rytech who entered my home was courteous and professional. They were extremely patient with me and provided moral support through my flood ordeal. They were very positive, and I think they were all assets to the Rytech Co. I would highly recommend your Co. to all of my friends.

Customer in West Columbia, SC – May 25, 2021

Ethan Allen, Miles Martinez and their team members were wonderful throughout the entire process. Ethan and a team member showed up to our house around 10pm on a Friday to help after we had an accident with our washing machine. They were professional and patient with all our questions and concerns. The entire process took exactly a week, which was quicker than they initially thought it would be. Hand down would recommend this company to anyone in the area that may need their services!

Customer in Columbia, SC-Aug 23, 2021  

I found them to be very professional and personable. They came whenever it was convenient for me and them. They were very polite and did a good job!

Tim R. Gatlinburg, TN · Aug 23, 2021

I was impressed with the young man that was my contact. He was knowledgeable and kept me informed the whole time of what was going on. I like the way they conducted business.

Mike J.  Sebastian, FL – Aug 22, 2021

I recently experienced some water damage to my home and the insurance co sent Rytech to mitigate the damage. I couldn’t be happier. The tech arrived as scheduled, was extremely knowledgeable and effective. They left equipment to dry the flooded area, cleaned everything and promptly picked up the equipment.

Joel S. East Falmouth, MA · May 18, 2021

Richard and Jeremy were fantastic. They were on time, kept excellent communication throughout the process. They were knowledgeable, competent and very professional. They took care of everything in a timely manner explaining every step of the process. I highly recommend them.

David S.  Pigeon Forge, TN · Aug 19, 2021

The team at East Tennessee Rytech was very diligent and had outstanding communication skills with a can do attitude throughout the company.

A.R.O. Exton, PA · Jul 24, 2021

Ryan was fantastic from start to finish. Work was done quickly, efficiently, and completely.

Deborah B. Glen Burnie, MD · Jul 22, 2021

I would highly recommend Rytech. I hand a kitchen flooding that extended to my basement. They put a dehumidifier and several fans to dry up the sub floor and the cabinets.

Brandon K. Vista, CA – Jul 16, 2021

Rytech was easy, clean, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. I cannot thank them enough!

David S. Philadelphia, PA · Jul 13, 2021

Rytech did a great job. They were timely and communicated with me well. I would hire them again

Customer in Pascoag, RI

I am satisfied with Rytech. They came and did what was needed.