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RYTE-TECH Winner, May 2021… Congratulations Kendall Gildersleeve

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Congratulations are in order for Kendall Gildersleeve with Rytech of DuPage County, Illinois.  This is his first win of the year of the prestigious Ryte-Tech Award.

Posting pictures of clean cuts and job sites, shiny blue vans, sealed tight containment areas and handwritten notes from grateful customers are all part of the criteria for the award.

Kendall’s knowledge and professional representation of the Rytech brand have earned him this distinction.

During Air Force Technical Training

Actually, as good a job as Kendall did in winning this award in May 2021, especially considering he’d only been with Rytech since September of 2020, it’s also noteworthy that it may be par for the course at the growing DuPage County Franchise. That’s because, along with Kendall, two of his co-technicians were credited as runners-up.  Congrats to both Connor Lesiak and Nick Panos for showing they’ve also got what it takes to make their clients homes and businesses Rytech Dry.

Prior to his start date Kendall Gildersleeve spent a few years stationed in California as a member of the United States Air Force. “I was an ammo troop” he says.  “And, when I got out of the Air Force a friend of mine referred me to Rytech.”

Actually, the referral was made while Kendall was still in California having just been discharged from the Air Force.  But his interview, the back and forth communications with Rytech of DuPage County–about the job, the pay, the hard work, and more… all went silky smooth, according to Kendall. 

“It went so well” he recalls “that even though I was still in California, I got the job.” Facts be known, Kendall flew back one night and went into Rytech’s DuPage County franchise location the next morning.  “My first day back from the Air Force!”

Kendall is young, single and, so far, has no children.  His spare time, therefore, is mostly his own—and for Kendall that means playing or watching sports. And the “playing” part of his sports equation isn’t a laid back game of golf or a few grown up sets of tennis.  For Kendall it’s full-contact, padded, football in an adult minor league. 

First game—Kendall as Quarterback

For those who didn’t know such existed, Minor League Football is a term for amateur semi-pro football played below the major league level often with municipal or township sponsors, sometimes referred to as Secondary Football or Alternative Football.  It’s tough, hard nosed and very serious.  Rytech’s Kendall Gildersleeve is the quarterback (number 11) for the Joliet Buccaneers.

“I really missed football and after playing the intramural flag leagues in the Air Force, I was glad to be able to find my way back to a full pads league.”

Football may be more compatible with Kendall’s day job than some might think. Both involve dealing with trauma. When he was asked it might surprise you to hear Kendall replied that one of the biggest challenges at Rytech is “…enduring some of the unpredictable weather that the Chicago area brings.”  While he’s already experienced just about every type of jobsite “from ice dams to tornado damage” he says, “in addition to the usual fire & water claims,”  weather is the Chicago areas biggest bogeyman.  “Those conditions for the job can be either our biggest friend or our worst enemy” Kendall has learned. “The weather some days is by far my biggest challenge.”

Flanked by 2 honorable mentions, Connor (L) & Nick (R)

Toughest job? “My most difficult job I would say came on the early side of me joining the company. It was a Level 3 loss where the washer supply line burst and was left unattended for quite a while. The entire home was gutted in addition to a plethora of equipment being dropped.” 

That loss apparently stuck in Kendall’s mind, foreshadowing a gratifying future with Rytech.  “To this day it’s still one of the biggest jobs I’ve been a part of and only weeks with Rytech. It was a lot of information and learning to take in” he laments. “None the less, it was a success, and I was so relieved to be part of such a good team and product.”   

In fact, on and off the Gridiron Kendall displays the leadership and the cool to get most any job done. It’s the qualities necessary to handle getting sacked behind scrimmage or to tactfully deal with a family anxious and distraught from an invasive water loss.

That’s what Rytech is all about.  And that’s what Kendall Gildersleeve is all about… Air Force veteran, quarterback, and one of Team Rytech’s most valuable players!

May 2021‐Honorable Mentions:
Connor Lesiak – DuPage County (IL)
Kevin Watts – First Coast (FL)
Nick Panos – DuPage County (IL)