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Ryte-Tech Award Winner for December 2020

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Congratulations to Mr. Edward Gamard
Representing Rytech of Mississippi Gulf Coast

Rytech honors its’ onsite technicians with the Ryte-Tech Award bestowed on those with the greatest number of “Fantastic Customer Surveys,” clean drywall cuts, posted pictures of a “shiny” blue van, tightly sealed containment areas and much more. December 2020’s winner is from one of Rytech’s newest franchises and this is his first win.

The December 2020 winner of the Ryte-Tech Award has a new job at one of Rytech’s newest franchises.  He and the franchise both launched together the day the franchise opened its’ doors November 1, 2020.

That means Edward Gamard is learning as he goes while working with an emerging local franchise with a future as bright as his own.

He’s never done remediation work before.  But… “I have experience with building materials like insulation and dry wall, so I figured water mitigation wouldn’t be a far stretch.”  And his immediately preceding job parking cars at a Casino didn’t provide the challenge or the future needed. 

Ask him what’s challenging about his new line of work and Edward doesn’t hesitate.

“It was a hibachi restaurant” he recalls. “There was a fire in the upstairs apartment which hit a water line and flooded over half of the restaurant below. It took us five days to remove what ended up being 75 contractor bags of dry wall and insulation saturated from the water from both the water line and fire hoses.”

All of that on New Year’s Eve!

“We couldn’t get any help with the labor, so it was just myself and the owner doing all the grunt work.”

Back on the job after voting

Edward marks it all up to family and the future. “Rytech is a great company to work for, I am proud to have such a good company name to associate with.”

And they are all pretty close. “My owner is my girlfriends brother-in-law” he says “so I knew him before we started working together. It’s been a great job and I can’t wait to   grow the Rytech brand and expand the business.”

The girlfriend, Tristan Webb, well… she’s special. “We plan on getting married and having children someday” Edward says.  Tristan graduated from Weatherford College where she studied Geography and is now a self-described Comedy Vlogger, which fits well with Edwards’ passion, playing guitar—something he does whenever the spirit moves and with his brother and brother-in-law “whenever we meet up.” 

Edward is also a competitive pool player; nine ball, eight ball–all played in tournament competitions with a local pool league. But it doesn’t end there.

Tristan & Edward

He’s also a rabid fan of the New Orleans Saints and loves watching any “ball” sports on TV: football, baseball, basketball and, when available… eight ball.

Congratulations to Edward, Tristan and the entire hardworking family at Rytech of Mississippi Gulf Coast.

December 2020‐Honorable Mentions:

Noah Puryear – Rytech of Metro Atlanta (GA)
TIE  Kendall Gildersleeve – Rytech of DuPage County (IL) and Nick Panos – Rytech of DuPage County (IL)
Eric Vargas – Rytech of DuPage County (IL)


1st time using Injectidry

1st mold job, tight containment

Edward & Tristan enjoying a night out