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RYTE-TECH AWARD WINNER—Ethan Allen, February 2021

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It’s always the first question Ethan Allen is asked; whether his family owns the famous furniture company with the same name. With just the hint of a sigh Ethan patiently explains… “No, my dad was a revolutionary war history buff, and he picked the name.”

Ethan’s father had in mind the historical Ethan Allen, the famous rabble-rouser who led the Green Mountain boys capturing Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolution. Far from being a rabble-rouser Rytech’s Ethan Allen is the consummate team player who someday would like to own his own franchise.

Since October of last year he’s worked for Brian Larmon and Anthony Curtis (pictured above), owners/partners of Rytech of the Midlands, Upstate and Pee Dee South Carolina.

Before that Ethan worked in government with the Joint Operations Center in South Carolina, and for a time also performed mitigation with a competing firm. While at the Joint Operations Center he acted in response to state emergencies involving the National guard and the movement of troops and equipment to afflicted areas within the state of South Carolina.

Since joining Team Rytech, and in a fashion reminiscent of his namesake, Ethan spent much of his time since October working the Texas Freeze and studying when possible to obtain the certifications he’ll need to reach his dream—he’s already earned the IICRC’s Water Restoration Technician (WRT) designation.

Sydney & Ethan

Now he’s settled in. “I’m planning on working in operations for a number of years, learning everything I can and saving money.” he said.  “Someday I want to own my own franchise.”

Ethan (33) has been married for two years and met the love of his life, Sydney (24), at a local restaurant, where he says, “things just clicked.”

Sydney, for example, works at a veterinary clinic–fortuitous since both she and Ethan love and own two horses.

Sydney’s horse is named Finnick after a character in the HBO hit series The Last Kingdom.   “It’s a Mustang she recently adopted” Ethan said.

Rocky & Finnick

“My horse is Rocky” he gleams.  “… an Appaloosa. But since he’s mostly white, it’s hard to tell except right after a bath.”

Anyway, it’s clear that any spare time in the Allen household allocates to their beloved animals–something rendered more difficult since Sydney broke her wrist. “She was training the Mustang” he said, “…it spooked while she was trotting and bam!”

As for difficult Rytech jobsites, Ethan’s time in Texas was challenging, “but, not the most challenging.”  He believes mold jobs are the toughest, in part, because “…it’s so important that numerous rigid protocols be followed meticulously.”

Example: “We had a CAT 3 job with grossly contaminated water from a huge sewage break at multiple locations.  The whole bottom floor was covered with raw sewage and had to be torn out.  In fact, just the pack out took an entire week to complete.  We performed two foot flood cuts on every wall, instigated a low pressure flush using a sprayer under the seal plates to clear out the bacteria. Then you have to extract the water and then, when dried, do a thorough decontamination with Benefect, an antimicrobial disinfectant. All while you’re in full PPE.”

Job challenges like these sometimes move Ethan to seek relief from his original passion…music!

There was a time he aspired for the bright lights and nearly moved to Nashville.

Ethan & his mahogany “Taylor”

He was touring, he’d written some tunes (Sweet Carolina, once available on I-Tunes), and had his favorite, all mahogany “Taylor” guitar in tow, when entertainments’ reality hit him square in the face.  “Weddings, honky-tonks, traveling, special events, a country club called Skyline—that just wasn’t the path for me.”   

Now he’s focused on doing good work and building a good future with Sydney. He loves the Midlands franchise. “Anthony and Bryan have been excellent mentors for me. They are approachable, they’re fun, they take care of us and they provide opportunities for growth. No complaints whatsoever!”

After two years in a British prison, the historical Ethan Allen retired to his home in what is now Burlington, Vermont. He died February 12, 1789. When asked about retirement Rytech’s Ethan Allen draws on the wit and wisdom of the man who gave him his name. 

“My dad used to joke that when he retires he wants to die–same for me. I’ll pass the franchise  to the kids, take care of the horses, play music and Sydney and I will travel the world.”

Congratulations Ethan Allen and welcome to Team Rytech!