You are currently viewing Ryte-Tech Award Winner—Congratulations to Ted Cerneant, Rytech of the Midlands!

Ryte-Tech Award Winner—Congratulations to Ted Cerneant, Rytech of the Midlands!

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After leaving a competing water firm Ted won the Ryte-Tech Award Just one month after signing on with Rytech of the Midlands in February 2021. He’s experienced in remediation work and see’s Rytech as a major part of his long-term goal “to help others!”

Thanks, Ted, for representing Rytech in such a phenomenal manner. You obviously take great pride in your work, and we appreciate all that you have been doing and will do “for others” with Team Rytech. 

New to Rytech maybe but, not new to the game, Ted Cerneant began remediation work in 2003 on the rebuild side, replacing walls, floors and whatever else was necessary after a successful water job. “Immediately before I began with Rytech of the Midlands, I worked for a competitor, also doing fire and water mitigation” he says. And before that “I spent more than twenty years as a painter.” 

Painting took its toll, and Ted took a long hard look at the direction he was headed. “The day-in, day-out drudgery of painting wasn’t the answer” he said.

That’s the way it is sometimes.  Life has a way of revealing what’s important.  “I lost my mother and youngest sister in a house fire in 1993…losing family, home and possessions all in one traumatic night helped me realize that I missed helping people.”

That’s the therapeutic nature of remediation work.  “It just made sense for me to help other people recover from similar large losses.”

Now Ted is fully on board having earned several IICRC certifications, including: WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician); and, ASD (Applied Structural Drying Technician). Next up is obtaining the Master Water Tech certification which he hopes to earn soon.

Linda and Ted—a selfie by the water

“I heard about Rytech from other technicians in the area” he says. While competitors don’t always speak kindly of each other, the good usually outweighed the bad and Ted decided to give Rytech a try.  Then, smiling…“I am very glad I did!”

Of course, there’s more to any story like Ted’s than just job satisfaction. His journey includes meeting and marrying his high school sweetheart, Linda, in 2019.

She was working for a federal contractor handling Medicare claims. “In 1985 I took her to the prom but, after high school, we went our separate ways.”  Ted joined the Navy and Linda went to college. Separate marriages, both with children, both ending in divorce.  

“Linda and I reconnected in 2004 and were inseparable by 2006, but…we delayed marriage until  the children were gone. “Linda’s two are Carolyn, 26, and Bob, 24; both are working at Disney World and continuing school. My one is Teddy, who’s 21 and living in Indiana.”

Jake & Maggie

Don’t be misled, the Cerneant nest isn’t empty.  Both Ted and Linda are kept busy enjoying and caring for their two Beagles, Jake and Maggie.

Challenging jobsites? “Groundwater and/or possible fraudulent claims” Ted says. “Those with high deductibles are always challenging.”

“Assessing the damage and maybe even explaining to a homeowner that insurance may not cover the repairs–protecting the company’s interests and integrity at the same time, requires careful balancing.”

Ted’s latest project a ’67 Plymouth Belvedere

Spare time? Ted loves cars so, in addition to “honey-do lists,” quiet time with family and cruising antique malls with Linda…  he also enjoys tinkering with old cars. 

“I’m primarily a MOPAR guy but, I also have a longstanding soft spot for Ford Mustangs from the 1970s and 1980s.”  Ted’s current projects include a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere wagon (pictured) and a 1978 Dodge D100 pickup truck.

And, in keeping with the tradition of previous Ryte-Tech winners from the Midlands Ted says of owners Brian Larmon and Anthony Curtis (featured photo, top), “I appreciate their limited-hands-on approach. They’re not afraid to delegate authority, they let their managers manage, and yet they’re still approachable and responsive.”

From all the members of Team Rytech to it’s newest South Carolina team member, Ted Cerneant….Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy your future helping others with your new friends at Rytech.

March 2021‐Honorable Mentions

Thank you for representing Team RYTECH in such a phenomenal manner! We appreciate all that you do on behalf of Team RYTECH.

Dominique Atchison – Midlands (SC)
Dakota Wenstrup – Upstate (SC)
Scott Miller – West Coast Mold (FL) and Dalton Augustine – New Orleans (LA)