Ryte-Tech Award—February 2020, Anthony Cruz

Ryte-Tech Award—February 2020, Anthony Cruz

It’s apparent that Rytech of the Tri-Counties, which encompasses the Florida counties of Dade, Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach, understands the importance of well trained and professional technicians.  “Tech’s” are on the front lines after all, “Earning our Customers Trust… One Job at a Time.” 

February’s Ryte-Tech winner is Anthony Cruz, whose win follows that of Marc Walker in January who is also with Rytech of the Tri-Counties.  Not so coincidentally, Marc also trained and now supervises Anthony.

February 2020, Ryte-Tech Honorable Mentions

Parquito Liberal – Rytech of the Tri Counties (FL)

John Layton – Rytech of Lee and Collier Counties (FL)

 Elizabeth Cruz – Rytech of Coast Carolina (FL)

Anthony came to the “Tri-Counties” via a Rytech competitor with a substantial footprint in Southeast Florida.   The atmosphere he left was not what he was looking for and certainly not what he found at Rytech, which in just one word was… family. 

“I love working for Rytech because from the interview process to the day I started they made me feel welcomed and I could see right away it was a family atmosphere.”

L to R: son Dayton (14); wife Emily; Anthony; son Tyler (12)

The feeling of family means a lot to Anthony, both at work and at home.  “I have two sons and a wonderful wife that supports me every day. I am truly blessed with a loving, healthy family and a great company to work for.”

Anthony hasn’t been with Rytech for decades like some others (just 11 months), but…he’s looking forward to the support he needs for a long and prosperous career.  Being trained by last month’s Ryte-Tech winner, Marc Walker, bodes well for Anthony’s long term.  He recollects an event right after he started work:

“I had never removed ceiling drywall before, and we had a client with a roof leak. While under the supervision of my manager Marc Walker he showed me how to carefully remove the ceiling, while carefully protecting the clients home and the clients safety as well as ours.” 

Funny story. Some clients confuse Anthony and another employee, believing Anthony’s twin also works for Rytech of the Tri-Counties.  “Apparently we look a lot like each other” Anthony says. “Or, at least everyone seems to think so.”  The alleged look-a-like is  Andres, Rytech’s Mold Remediation Manager. “He must be good looking” Anthony quips.

Twins or not, Andres, Anthony, Marc Walker, Et. al. move under the direction of Operations Manager, Robert Wilcox and owner Troy Feichter, creating one of the more profitable and professional “family’s” in Rytech’s growing national galaxy.

Interests? Anthony doesn’t hesitate… “Sports!” he exclaims. “I’m a die-hard New York Jets fan!”

And so, he spends off hours supporting the Jets team and working as a prideful member of the Rytech team when he’s on the clock. 

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to Anthony Cruz, deserving Ryte-Tech winner, February 2020.

Anthony Cruz: Ryte-Tech Winner, February 2020

The man behind the mask, Anthony Cruz.

Anthony & Tyler, tailgating before a Jets game