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Remembering Daniel Kurzweil

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On July 9th Rytech’s family was stunned to learn it had lost one of its’ dearest members.  Mentor, husband, dad, coworker–Daniel Kurzweil was far more than just the Business Development Officer for a leading Rytech franchise–he was someone we should all try to be more like.

Please join Rytech in remembering Daniel’s true nature and in celebrating his unique and caring life.

For someone this special it’s often best to just share thoughts and pictures from those who knew him best.  The following remembrance was written and shared on social media by his son, Yohann Kurzweil. We believe his well-written thoughts are an accurate look at the soul of a very special person.

By Yohann Kurzweil…

Words can’t express the loss and pain I am feeling right now. My hero, mentor, and best friend in the whole world was taken from me on Friday at 3:38 PM. He was incredible and my greatest role model. He was an anchor for our family, the greatest husband to my mom, the greatest coach I ever had, and my ultimate confidant in every season and any time I needed him.

He drove me across the country twice, took me to countless games and matches, sent me across the world, and was always there when I needed him. He never ignored my calls, left my messages unanswered or kept me guessing about how he felt about me. He loved me more than I think I will ever understand and was always in my corner no matter what came or what happened.

As I wrote this through tears I cannot even begin to think of how much I’m missing in this post. He was a man unlike any I’ve ever known and taught me how to grow and learn and love others well. For those who knew him, you know the person he was and the love he showed you even if just for a few brief moments. He always had time for everyone and even then loved us and cared for us in a way I can’t even begin to comprehend.

In the wake of his passing and the tragedy, loss, void, and emptiness we are feeling as a family, we have been already loved and blessed by many words of comfort, prayers, calls, visits, messages, and condolences from the hundreds of people he touched and loved. In this time of utter grief and mourning we are leaning on each other and our community and praying the Lord will get us through this as it feels impossible at the moment.

If Daniel Kurzweil was an impact in your life and you feel led to give toward our memorial fund in this time, we would greatly appreciate it and I know Dad would be looking down from Heaven grateful and happy to see his friends supporting us in this time.

And Dad, I hope you know how much you were loved, celebrated, and cherished during your time here. It wasn’t even close to enough and I feel like you would’ve loved the parts that came next like seeing me get married, move into my first apartment, have kids and make you a grandpa and so many other moments.

I’m going to miss you more than my heart can even begin to understand right now but I know you’re at peace and with Jesus telling him how much you loved me, how happy you were to be my dad, mom’s hubby, and Izzy, Lilly, and Aaron’s dad. You know you lucked out with us, and trust me we know we got the BEST God had to offer. I’m so grateful for every single moment I had with you and I will cherish them forever.

Until we meet in heaven , daddy, I love you. ~ Your Golden Child, and I know Your Favorite.

  • “This guy was amazing! Looking over his Facebook this morning. Every day there was something positive or a memory. Time with family, silly moments. Nothing snarky or crabby. Just a good wholesome Guy.”

  • “Daniel will be missed by many. It is so wonderful that he has touched the lives of so many people in so many aspects of his life. I have been lucky to be a small part of it through his work life.

  • “I’m at a loss for words. I was looking at his FB this morning and had the same thoughts. He was such a good man. My heart hurts for his family and all who knew him.”

  • “He will be greatly missed. Praying that our lord helps his family and friends find peace. He has been called home to continue to bless everyone from a higher stage.”