THE PHILADELPHIA FRANCHISE — “Making a Living Making a Difference”

THE PHILADELPHIA FRANCHISE — “Making a Living Making a Difference”

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One disgruntled Philadelphia resident was increasingly frustrated, even angry, when her home alarm system kept going off every hour, hour after hour, all day, all night. No one appeared to be able to help her–not the handyman she called first, not the electrician she called next, not even the alarm company.

When Rytech arrived to remediate a separate water event she told the technicians (painfully aware of the alarm themselves) that “…no one in my house can even get any sleep!”

Fortunately Bill Crouthamel’s technician was also a licensed electrician with experience in this specific type of sophisticated alarm system.  Like a pro (which he was) he promptly identified and fixed the problem, in a matter of minutes, and according to Bill, left the client extremely grateful and exclaiming: “who would’ve known I needed a water guy instead of my electrician or alarm company to fix my alarm system.” 

The event was not only remarkably ironic but, also instructive as to the focus of the franchise  that includes Philadelphia, Montgomery, Delaware and part of Bucks County Pennsylvania as well as the counties of Gloucester and Burlington NJ.

“I began researching a Rytech franchise early in 2019.  I knew the strong brand recognition and core values would be a great match to my business ideas” Bill says.  Perhaps such is reflected in the willingness of his technician to do electrical work as a “free” service for a water mitigation client.

“That’s why I liked Rytech, I agreed fundamentally with the approach of doing the right thing for all involved.”

But Bill also observed what many others from across the country believe  “…there’s too much fraud and dishonesty out there.” And “… by opening a Rytech franchise in my home market we could hopefully make a difference in the community while supporting my family financially.”

In that one phrase the 41 year old coined a mantra adopted by more and more Rytech owners… “Making a Living Making a Difference.”

When asked what he likes about Rytech, Bill doesn’t hesitate:  “I believe the support of the corporate structure from the management team to the MDS department to the billing specialists provide a platform for the franchisee to be successful starting day 1 of opening a new franchise.  The fact that Rytech handles the intake of assignments, quality checks each open file for compliance and accuracy and handles all of the billing facets of the job leaves myself and my team with the time necessary to give each customer the priority and service they deserve.  I know we can focus on 100% customer service and performing the job correctly and Rytech will handle the estimating and billing accurately on each and every assignment.”  (Emphasis Added)

And, it’s a family affair.  “I’ve been married to my loving wife Lisa for 17 years.  We have 2 daughters together Isabella and Avery and I also have two stepson’s from Lisa’s first marriage, James and Sean.”  One of the stepsons also works for the franchise as a technician.

Prior to Rytech Bill was an executive at Hancock Claims Consultants based in Alpharetta GA.  This, after attending Bucks County Community College and Bloomsburg University.  “I am a huge Philadelphia sports fan with a special love for the Eagles and Phillies.”  And he pridefully states… “Though our teams are not always very good, their blue collar approach and being loved by the fans makes every game a fantastic experience.”

“Someday” Bill says… “I would like to assure my family is setup for financial success then travel both nationally and internationally to discover all the beauty the world has to offer.”

Running a franchise with a strong devotion to doing the “Ryte” thing will certainly yield the days for traveling the world. But, just as important, a “difference” would’ve been made.

MAKING A LIVING MAKING A DIFFERENCE by Bill Crouthamel: We had a customer that was completely satisfied, even stating that his mind was put at ease by our communication and attention to detail.  A week later a plumbing mistake caused another significant leak on the property.  The plumber, who was paying for the mitigation personally, wanted to use his own mitigation vendor.  The homeowner called us back after they were finished and had us check their work because he felt nowhere as comfortable with them or their employees as he did with us.  During our review he said he would never use another company again regardless of who is paying and that we were the best contractor of any type that he has ever utilized.  It was nice to see our services compared to a competitor and to know we earned our customers confidence.

Dan McGuigan, Field Technician; administers a clean cut

Bill Crouthamel & Director of Operations, Adam Maleski

Phillip Maurer, Lead Field Technician