PART II—Rytech Implements Trydent!

PART II—Rytech Implements Trydent!

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This is Part II of a two part series on the substantial enhancements to Rytech’s internal and field systems. Part I focused on MICA, a Mitigation Management product from Next Gear. Jessica Gravett, Director of Client Services with Rytech, contributed  to the writing of this article and oversaw the installation of the Trydent system.  

A key piece in Rytech’s current systems upgrade is addressing any missing pieces to the existing  system from Next Gear, MICA.  In other words, improvements were needed  to improve both the function and visibility of Rytech’s overall dispatching process without adding any additional burden to the important work of  onsite technicians.

In addition to MICA, Next Gear offers a web based restoration management system that streamlines job management, equipment, work orders, job estimating, work order requests, calendar, reporting, and accounting into one integrated system called, DASH. You can see a video here.

Rytech has customized DASH to its unique approach to water mitigation resulting in a system  the Rytech team calls …Trydent. As the trident was Poseidon’s tool of choice to rule the seas, Rytech will use Trydent to streamline water remediation processes and a whole lot more.

Overall function of Rytech’s dispatching process will improve when the intake group enters new losses into Trydent which automatically assigns them to the appropriate franchise, including a full set of functional reminders. Trydent will be integrated with Xactanalysis and Symbility. Once an assignment is accepted in Trydent it automatically flows into MICA.

Trydent’s task direction will be dialed-in based on each carrier (or TPA) providing guidance to the field–including any necessary documents. This is compliance monitoring at its best, enabling franchise owners and their personnel to see if a job lacks any of the carriers’ unique requirements.

Shared information creates shared responsibility which creates a seamless working relationship between the franchise and the corporate office, for the benefit of all, especially  Rytech’s clients and partners   

This visibility doesn’t just stop with the field personnel. Franchise owners and managers can also see the status of tasks performed by the Mitigation Data Specialists (MDS) Unit. Shared information creates shared responsibility which creates a more seamless working relationship between the franchise and the corporate office for the benefit of all, especially Rytech clients and partners.

Rytech’s new Trydent system will improve functionality and efficiency. It will do this…

  • by allowing and documenting communications between the field, the franchise, and the corporate office   
  • by integrating with Xactanalysis reducing delays of information with notes directly from adjusters
  • by integration with Symbility—which was not available under MICA
  • by sending text messages to the customer confirming a technician is on the way
  • by emailing the customer copies of any signed document(s)

Trydent can also be used to enhance overall client visibility. Access can be granted to anyone associated with the claim to login and see updates and other claim details. 

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