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Part I–Rytech Implements Industry Leading Service Software

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This is Part I of a two part series on the substantial enhancements to Rytech’s internal and field systems. Part II explains Rytech’s Trydent System from Next Gear Solutions. This Part focuses on MICA Mitigation Management Software, also from Next Gear, which offers the leading platform for large and growing restoration companies like Rytech.
Jessica Gravett, Director of Client Services for Rytech, lends her perspective to this effort, including the benefits and future of Rytech’s most exciting workflow enhancements.

Sometimes needs are expressed outwardly. Sometimes they’re nestled within a few grumblings. But, good leadership always listens as Rytech did when franchise owners and managers shared on-the-job challenges faced every day by their field personnel.

From meticulous notes and analysis it was obvious that technicians needed instant guidance on each job, large or small. Sounds simple enough but, Rytech serves a multitude of clients, each with a unique set of requirements and expectations. Ensuring that Rytech technicians can address those disparate demands is a significant challenge; especially while they’re focused on providing each onsite customer with exceptional service.

A simple way to scale down the growing number of documents on each job was needed. So, too, was eliminating any guess work from the 150+ choices technicians make every day. They not only needed guidance, they also needed freedom from a burdensome number of emails.

Rytech and its’ implementation team have not only listened but learned how listening and responding can lift an already great organization to the next level.   Jessica Gravett

We listened to our franchise support staff, the owners and field operations management, each with their own set of needs, such as: better visibility and reporting without having to manually mine data; field personnel able to see they are meeting their SLAs which would allow them to be proactive in addressing areas of improvement; and, improving workflows creating opportunities to see where advancements can be made.

So, the hunt began with a significant amount of time and energy devoted to due diligence. The team participated in demo after demo, leaving no stone unturned.

In the end it was obvious that MICA was the best fit for Rytech. In October 2019 DASH for job management and compliance tracking, MICA QA Assist for estimating accuracy and the Business Intelligence (BI) tool for enhanced reporting capabilities, were scheduled for implementation.

First up was The QA Assist Tool. With the help of Next Gear’s QA implementation team, led by Lloyd Marcom, an initial set of 22 estimating rules was established to which each mitigation estimate would be compared for accuracy.

These rules could catch things like missing taxes or notes, for example. They could suggest line items for estimates or make minor calculations to verify billed amounts. In what’s been called one of the fastest implementations Next Gear has experienced, the first estimates were run through QA December 3, 2019. In just 30 days we found improved billing accuracy as well as greater consistency in our estimating formats. Obviously, Team Rytech is very pleased with these early results!

But, there’s much more to come and we’re excited to share how each software enhancement will continue to separate Rytech from the pack.

Stay tuned for Part II of this series when I report on the benefits of implementing Rytech’s Trydent system.


Jessica Gravett
Director of Client Services