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Meet Steven Seabaugh, Director of Franchise Development

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Steven Seabaugh

“The growth of our network is steady and measured. We are firm in our commitment to carefully award franchises to individuals and investors that demonstrate a good fit for our system.” In fact, “we are even willing to turn down those that come to us who do not possess the qualities and attributes we require” says Seabaugh. And, “while always striving to recruit the best possible candidates, only those that meet our financial and business experience standards are invited to visit for our Home Office Discovery Day Event.” Steven’s prior 30+ years in franchised business development has helped Rytech expand to markets in 27 states across America.

Operators in Rytech’s franchise system must be both business minded, a  “developer” and understand the importance of networking, Steven says. “And you must also enjoy being part of a Team experience.”

Seabaugh Testimonial:  I’d just finished a six-month consulting assignment with a major franchisor when a friend called me about Rytech. I interviewed with Mr. Ryan and after our initial conversations I signed on.  We started with a new Franchise Disclosure Document in the spring of 2014 and each year thereafter we moved on to expanded training, to today’s extensive multiple – in-house programs.  Additionally, more corporate  staffing has been added, improved national and local marketing efforts established, consistent  updating of our operational procedures, protocols, policies and more has brought Rytech to where it is today–a financially strong, and nationally recognized Brand!

The Seabaugh family is instrumental in Stevens success in the franchising industry.  Specifically, Steven and his wife Karen just celebrated their 51st anniversary together. They have two adult children , four grandsons, three that live with them in their late teens, and one with their father in Texas. Just like the franchises he “develops”, Rytech and the Seabaugh family had to be a good fit for the Rytech culture.  That culture included enjoying helping others achieve their vision of success. 

The fact that the Seabaugh’s love horses, and Steven especially loves “Scouting”, blends well with Rytech’s paradigm of helping others. “I’m a retired Scout leader, having one grandson become an Eagle Scout at 15, and another a Life Class Scout,” he says with obvious pride.

“And the horses we have enjoyed on our small gentlemen’s farm with the horses we boarded for others has been enjoyable for many years.  We always invited the Scouts out to the farm to ride during the summer months and weekends. Fishing with my boys and other scouts in the lake was always an enjoyable past time too.”

And there were times when the Seabaugh’s provided horses for disabled and special needs children to ride.  “It was a way to share our love of horses with those with special challenges in a therapeutic way.” At one point they even gifted a horse to a young girl living with her grandparents who could not afford to buy her one.

And, there’s the connection!

Just like the horses and scouting, Steven also loves providing an earning path, and lifestyle opportunity to new Rytech franchisees. It’s a true “Win-Win” arrangement, he says “…the Rytech culture and helping people find a recession resistant business, at a relatively low cost of entry, is rewarding to me personally.”   

What’s next? Whether it’s the holidays with the entire family, a quiet walk on the homestead with Karen, or dreaming about writing a novel (he admires Stephen King), walking away doesn’t seem to be in Steven’s cards. “I’m not looking to retire anytime soon he says.  But, when I do, I plan on a few short trips or cruises every year.”

When it does happen, it will be well deserved!

A Word to Potential Rytech Franchise Owners 

Steven Seabaugh—Director of Franchise Development

Rytech franchise owners have an opportunity to build their own successful business and manage it with the help of an experienced nation-wide support Team. Make no mistake, Rytech franchisees are a hands-on group of dedicated business, men and women who are passionate about serving their customers and ensuring their franchise is running at optimum performance.

Rytech offers an established successful startup program with personalized one on one instruction with one full week of “on the job training” before every Grand Opening of each new franchise.

Rytech’s two-week start-up training program including ongoing on-line tutorials makes learning the Rytech system faster and better than ever before. From day one all offices have a highly trained Field Service Coordinator available to them 24/7/365, providing start-up and on-going coaching and mentoring of Rytech’s policies, procedures and protocols. Franchisees should never feel they don’t have the knowledge and expertise to complete their customer assignments and or succeed in even the most competitive environment because there is a Team behind each Rytech owner/operator to guide and coach them every step of the way.

Should you want to own a business with significant, inflation proof earning potential, and be in charge of your own destiny while being supported by a team of skilled professionals, take the next step by calling Steven Seabaugh, Director of Franchise Development, at 706-372-0057.