Happy New Year!  From Your Friends at Rytech

Happy New Year! From Your Friends at Rytech

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Ask anybody what they’d like to say to 2020 and most will respond “Good-Riddance!”  So Rytech has some thoughts on setting and reaching goals that will help 2021 be all it can be–beginning right now and regardless of the global pandemic.     

As a start, we recommend reviewing the eight rules of proper goal setting published a year ago in the 2020 New Year edition of the Dry Log.  The rules are not only still relevant but necessary to maximize goal attainment in 2021 and beyond.

Of course, a new year with a persisting global pandemic may require a new approach, both for organizations and for personal goals as well.

For organizations, especially during a crisis, it’s vital to provide employees with a clearly defined mission and purpose. It keeps them motivated and aligned with one another.  

Randy Kerlin, COO Rytech

Rytech COO, Randy Kerlin, says one of his top priorities for 2021 is taking deliberate steps to maintain personal connections between team members. “Shifting to a fully remote environment last year” he says, “limited our interactions mostly to task specific items.”  This, he observed, eliminated important opportunities to simply “catch up” with a co-worker or share a morning cup of coffee.

“Rytech is a family,” he maintains, “and it’s important to build those special moments of personal interaction to protect that family.”

Like Rytech, your business may also be dealing with virtual teams facing similar challenges. Kerlin’s working on what works for Rytech. You may find what works for you in an article by Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula, titled:  9 Creative Ways to Stay Connected to Your Coworkers When You’re All Working From Home.

Now, what about your personal goals?

Well, focusing on things you can accomplish together with your spouse or family, is one way to mitigate the frustration of reaching a goal that has proven elusive over a number of years.  

Lisa Humphrey, MDS Team Leader

Lisa Humphrey, Team Leader for Rytech’s Mitigation Data Specialist Unit, says her personal goal for 2021 is to take her athlete son, 15 year old Chandler, to more college football games.  “A little more travel wouldn’t hurt if restrictions on COVID can be lifted” she says and “…he’s our sports fanatic and a die-hard Auburn fan.”

“This year set us back due to COVID,” says Lisa. “I think it’s the first year we didn’t go to a single Auburn game.”   It may be a first, “but from now on,” Lisa says, “we’re going to visit as many stadiums outside of Auburn University as possible before he graduates.”

Research proves goal setting creates a shared understanding from family members about what they should be doing to learn, develop, and be successful moving forward as a unit.

While goals pertaining to children are among the most popular of personal goals, the absolute top of the list is home ownership.  Example: Rytech’s Chief Business Development Officer, Jay Straughn, says…  “We’ve been in a home on a busy street for 17 years. It’s a little small for our family, but… we’re close to everything.”

Jay Straughn, Rytech Chief Business Development Officer

In fact, of those like Jay who are looking for a new home, 37% are also doing so for the same reason, to find more space for a growing family.     

Changed circumstances means changed goals, so… “Now that the kids are nearing adulthood,” Jay says, “we’re considering different neighborhoods that will allow us to have more space, more peace and more quiet.”  

Statistically speaking–For those not looking for an entirely new home, a whopping 58% want to upgrade their appliances and 53% hope to install smarter home technology—about 5% want both.  Other home-related goals include redecorating (51%), remodeling at least one room in their home (47%) and entertaining outdoors (41%).

Rytech believes that all goals, if properly set, are worth achieving and hopes that your time going forward will be filled with the happiness that achieving those goals can provide.

For more information on how to achieve goals for the new year see How to Set Goals for the New Year.  And, for those without any personal goals, below is the official list of the most popular ones from last year according to a survey by Homes.com published in the New York Post.  Choose and execute wisely.

Last Year’s Top 20 Personal Goals

  1. Get finances in order
  2. Get out of debt
  3. Learn something new
  4. Get more organized
  5. Buy a new home
  6. Exercise more
  7. Spend more time with friends & family
  8. Travel more
  9. Do something nice for myself
  10. Learn a new skill

11. Buy a new car
12. Lose weight
13. Volunteer more often
14. Disconnect from technology
15. Remodel my home
16. Quit my vices
17. Redecorate my home
18. Cook more frequently
19. Organize closet
20. Bring a pet into the family