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After weeks of stay-at-home orders that shut down large sectors of the American economy, every state is in some stage of reopening. People are beginning to return to work and consider future plans beyond living in isolation.   

The confluence of businesses opening again and getting together with others outside of the household is leading to another rise in coronavirus cases. Many have grown weary of staying home and the reduction of services across industries. Others are anxious about returning to work and the implications of opening the economy.

All of these factors are having an impact on how home service contractors and other businesses, do business.

Over the last few months, many businesses have struggled to stay afloat due to the ongoing pandemic. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. In fact, there are several best practices all businesses, including Rytech franchises and partners can follow right now, to gain a bit of traction and maybe even recover lost business.   

1. Increase Your Communication Efforts

First, if you haven’t already done so, reach out to your current and prior customers to inform them about the health and safety precautions you’re taking, as well as the status of your business hours and project abilities.

Next, be sure to post these updates to your website, third-party sites, and social media pages. It may also be a good idea to boost your previous customer satisfaction and reviews, across these platforms. 

2. Digitalize Everything

Still relying on physical paperwork and in-person signatures? Now is the time to ensure things like contracts, agreements, project requests, etc. can be accessed and completed online or via email. 

The more digital/virtual, the better. Whether your business is selling insurance or Real Estate or restoring water-damaged homes or anything else that has usually been done in person, start considering processes/steps that can replace the face-to-face onsite activities with something virtual. Use free or low-cost platforms like Zoom to conduct as many virtual consultations, appointments, walkthroughs, etc. as possible with homeowners and other end-users or partners. 

3. Offer Specials and Discounts

Fears around the virus have changed consumer shopping habits. Even with stores reopening and services starting up again, there is likely to be consumer trepidation. While spring and summer can be the busiest times, this season might look different for you.

There’s a lot of belt tightening out there during the pandemic and the resulting quarantine.  But, there’s also demand for new products and services, such as application of disinfectants for Bars and Restaurants, or offices in preparation for workers to return.  Some Rytech franchises are aggressively offering such services.  Some restaurants and other high-traffic retailers are looking for ways to show customers their premises are safe.

4. Show Customers You are COVID Compliant

Seems obvious, but be sure to make your health and safety, as well as your employees’ and customers’, your number one priority. Practice social distancing and enforce extra health and safety precautions. Consider ways to temporarily reduce in-office or onsite employees and move them to a virtual status if you can. Require your onsite staff to wear protective masks, gloves, booties, and follow all appropriate CDC protocols at ALL times and remain at least six feet away from each other as well as the customer.

Another way to protect the Rytech community, as well as your customers, is to closely monitor the health of yourself and your entire team. The last thing you want to do is risk contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. Require temperature checks daily, and, if an employee does show any signs of illness, send them home immediately and be sure to have them (and anyone who came in contact with them) quarantine for at least two weeks.  Tell your customers and prospects what your protocols are during this pandemic and follow those protocols meticulously.

5. Provide exceptional customer service, no matter what

Continue to provide exceptional customer service every single day. Remember, homeowners and employees alike may be experiencing many emotional ups and downs right now and are likely under more stress than usual. This may result in less patience and more worry. Always be polite and respectful and make it clear that their wellbeing and their satisfaction are incredibly important to you, as well as the entire Rytech community. 

GuildQuality Customer Surveying

Implementing these procedures is going to be new territory for you, your team, and your clients. GuildQuality can provide assistance to you while you navigate the terrain.

Contact us today and we’ll survey your customers about their concerns. Turn customer responses into action and get your business back on track after the COVID-19 pandemic.