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Rytech is proud to announce the continued expansion of its nationwide presence with another new franchise, this one located in the District of Columbia. 

Congratulations to new owners Vincent and Michelle Padgett.

While the opening of one more franchise in Rytech’s already nationwide galaxy may seem routine, there’s still something quite special about a location in America’s capital city.

Special, because it fills a small gap between existing franchises in contiguous Maryland and Virginia and special because DC is the seat of American Government.

Relatively speaking DC is small, just over 68 square miles. By comparison Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, is 1,212 square miles. Still, those 68 square miles are home to over 700,000 potential residential clients—and a whole lot of commercial and governmental opportunities. 

It’s a perfect match for an experienced team like Vincent and Michelle Padgett.  They may have begun operations just last year (with 2 employees, including one family member) but they’ve been in restoration, together, for more than two decades.

Previous to Rytech, Vincent, who is just 41 years old, was an environmental director at another restoration company. In his early days he attended Montgomery College. 

Michelle went to medical school and pursued a fulltime career in medicine. “No hobbies” she said “.. during that time it was all work.”  After graduating she went straight to work at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She honed her management and organizational skills before owning a Rytech franchise by managing a successful life insurance agency which she owned for many years.   

Spare time? Not much. The two also have three children that take care of any time left over; except for the part spent enjoying their favorite sport, football, and their favorite team, The Washington Football Team.

Vincent enjoys playing chess and reading personal development literature. Michelle spends what’s left of her time, “traveling to amazing places,” e-reading and being with the kids.

After much due diligence this husband and wife ownership team made the decision to join Rytech in March of 2019. “We decided to move forward with Rytech because out of all the companies we researched” Michelle says… “Rytech was a good fit for our market.” 

And, proving that Rytech corporate wants all its owners to succeed, “We really like and appreciate the support received from the corporate team. We have not been owners long but if something sticks out it is certainly their willingness to help get our franchise going in the right direction.”

Specifically, when asked why it was such a good fit, without hesitating Michelle says, “Because of the internal support and because of the team feeling which was very important to us.” 

It’s too early for Rytech’s DC team to pick their toughest job, but with two decades of experience they do remember one that was their most expensive–over 1 million dollars. “It was water damage in an entire mall” Michelle explains. “With multiple desiccant dehumidifiers to assist with drying and a huge amount of man hours.” It was an instructive experience that helped set the stage for their move to Rytech.

“And the most satisfying Rytech job was one we never completed.” Michelle said. “We assisted Cynthia G. in getting out of a contract to purchase a home that was riddled with mold and rodent infestation.”  Here’s her five-star review:

“Vincent P. was on time and very professional throughout the visit. He answered all of my questions in detail. He actually saved my life and money. Why? After a thorough investigation, he found the attic was contaminated with animal feces and the home was riddled with mold. He showed me things that my inspector should have. He saved me from a bad investment and a lifetime of respiratory illness. I can’t thank you enough for literally saving my life. I will definitely use Rytech again. Thank You!, Vincent. Signed: Cynthia G.

But, for something a little more lighthearted Michelle also recalls a laugh-out-loud experience. “While in a customer’s home their dog jumped on Vincent’s co-worker’s leg while he was trying to talk to the customer. You get the picture, right? And, the customer didn’t move the dog, and even said ‘just ignore it’…so the awkwardness continued for several embarrassing minutes. LOL!!!!”

Long term?  While retiring is a ways off for both, one mutual long term goal Vincent and Michelle share is paying back the community in which they’ve spent much of their adult lives.   “A goal for us both is to ​start a nonprofit to help our community” Michelle says. “Then maybe someday we’ll retire to Hawaii and watch the grandkids grow up.”

Rytech welcomes this exciting new husband and wife team to it’s team.  Congratulations Vincent and Michelle and best of luck on your Rytech journey!


Marlon and Mario encapsulating floor joist on a mold job

Low ceiling, small workspace—Mario, carefully keeping paint off floors, duct work & shelving