FEATURED FRANCHISE —Rytech of Greater Mobile & Pensacola

FEATURED FRANCHISE —Rytech of Greater Mobile & Pensacola

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Rytech franchises can provide just the right family just the right opportunity. Rytech welcomes the family of Robert “Bo” Farley who purchased two corporate franchises effective January 1, 2021– Rytech of Greater Mobile and Rytech of Greater Pensacola.  

It’s less than an hour if you drive straight thru from Pensacola, a midsized Florida town of only 53,651 residents, to Mobile Alabama population 186,542. Stopping along the way, however, is much more fun.

Drive east from Mobile to Spanish Fort and visit Blakely State Park. Go another 11 minutes to Daphne for the sights and sounds of Village Point Park Reserve. From there it’s just 17 minutes to Loxley and Burris’s Farm Market.  And, from there you’re only 27 minutes from Pensacola–Florida’s westernmost city and home to the renowned Blue Angels–think Tom Cruise and Top Gun.      

Farley’s new franchises are in two towns custom designed for a water remediation franchise. Mobile, for example, has annual rainfall of 67 inches. Pensacola has 65 inches. By comparison Seattle gets only 38 inches of annual rain making these two Rytech cities the two “wettest” in America.

Wet maybe, but Bo Farley, previous owner of an Orthopedic device company and a former orthopedic device salesman,  saw nothing but sunshine in this deal.

Bo Farley

“I’d been praying God would open a door for me and move my career in a different direction as I was just not finding fulfillment in my current rolehe said.  And proving that sometimes the lord works in mysterious ways, in no time the Farley’s sustained roof damage from Hurricane Sally bringing Rytech right to their front door.  

“RytechBo says,actually came out and I had the opportunity to talk with Randy Arnold a pretty good bit about the company and the local market.” 

Then Bo met with President and CEO Bubba Ryan in Jacksonville.  “I think I knew then that my prayers had been answered and my career would be going in a completely new and exciting direction.”

As usual, this Rytech working family is close knit. Three technicians Hunter Whitney, Mike Pelzer and Don Rude are not only well trained and certified but, Hunter and Mike worked as tech’s prior to coming aboard. Don, the most recent hire, went to the same church as Bo, where they became friends.  And COO Amy Geus, who handles administration, accounting, HR and marketing has been close with the Farleys’ since working for Bo at his orthopedic device company. 

Aimee, Luke (front) Joshua & Bo

Forty five year old Bo is married to “…an incredible woman” who is also named Aimee… “which makes it super easy to keep the names of the women in my life straight” he says, laughing as he does. “I also have two sons, Joshua age 16 and Luke 13 who, just like my wife and I, both love camping with the RV, spending time with our church family and friends, and watching football, hockey and most any sporting event.”  Bo grew up as a HUGE 49ers fan as well as an Oklahoma Sooners fan–his Dad was from Oklahoma.

Funny story. “While working in a pretty large warehouse, I had issues with the lights in the bathroom.  So, being the extraordinarily talented handy man that I am I tried repairing it myself using my trusty screwdriver. One problem, I forgot to turn off the power.  YIKES!!… I got the shock of a lifetime.  Knocked me off the stool. Scared Amy to death!  Eventually we both laughed our heads off!”

Lots of laughter for sure but ask Bo Farley about the future and he immediately turns serious.  He would love to one day build a house on the water and spend weekends enjoying all the Gulf Coast has to offer, but… “First and foremost, I want to live a life that reflects my beliefs and to strive to put Jesus first in all aspects of my life, work, home and family.”

Like most Rytech folks Bo’s job is its’ own reward.  “We love being able to go in, put the customers fears and frustrations at ease and assist in getting their lives and home back to normal.” 

The love of the work is paramount but so, too, is support from corporate “…which has exceeded our expectations in every way–from our agreement to the accounting department to the very top we’ve felt like they are on this journey with us.”  This probably also explains Team Farley’s across-the-board five star ratings.

Finally, there’s this…

“We also have a strong desire to be able to give and do exponentially more for others whether it be through missions work, philanthropy or simply giving back to those in our local community.”

Seems like a perfect match, doesn’t it?

Congratulations Bo Farley and welcome to Rytech’s growing family!