FEATURED FRANCHISE- Mississippi Gulf Coast

FEATURED FRANCHISE- Mississippi Gulf Coast

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Rytech keeps growing and one of its’ newest franchises hit the ground running November 2020. Uniquely, it’s not only owned by two brothers, both former adjusters, but… its’ first onsite technician won the Ryte-Tech award the first month after its’ doors opened.

There are six counties constituting Mississippi’s thriving Gulf Coast, all part of the territory for Rytech Gulf Coast franchise owners and brothers Herman Johnson and Jerry Daniels.  

While there are barely 3 million residents in the entire state, a large proportion live near the coast or plan their lives around regularly visiting it. In addition to the “big six” coastal counties of George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River, and Stone, these brothers in restoration also service 31 other inland areas pretty much constituting the rest of the state.

Relatively speaking Mississippi is small with a population of only around 3 million, but… its’ largest demographic are those between the ages of 25 and 34 and the median age is only 38.  Plenty of room for growing a new business and finding the right employees to meet the expanding demands of a hurricane prone state.   

Herman, who runs things, has been an insurance adjuster since 2004.  Brother Jerry since 2005. For now they’re surviving with two part time employees and one fulltime technician extraordinaire, Edward Gamard–he won the December 2020 Ryte-Tech Award without batting an eye.

Tech Edward Gamard; back to work after voting

Background?  Jerry graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in criminal justice and psychology. This, before serving his country in the military for over a decade (1995—2006) including two years in combat.

Meanwhile, Herman attended Pensacola Community College earning his ACA Certificate for adjusting claims in Florida where he also attended Gulf Coast Community College earning his HVAC Certification. While Herman’s tending the store, brother Jerry is still tending claims in South Florida.

Why Rytech? Why Now? For Herman it was time to stay home more. “I didn’t want to travel as much and wanted to spend time with my family” he said.  So, as a team they decided on water mitigation and set about looking at franchises. “As adjusters we dealt with Rytech and had respect for their work product. Once we contacted the company we felt a connection with the employees and liked the respect they showed for the military.”

Herman & Edward 1st Mold Job

Like all important decisions there are families involved.  Herman and Jerry were already brothers and Herman, who is 35 years old and his wife Mallory have two beautiful girls, Kyleigh and Annie. Older brother Jerry (43 yrs.) is single but has been with his significant other, Tamara, for over two years.

“Our dad Herman Johnson passed away 2 years ago and our mom, Joyce, is still alive” says Herman. And, lo and behold, there’s another brother named Dale “… and a Sister named Crystal who, along with her husband George, has two kids Carson and Caroline.” 

One big family joins Rytech’s growing family of franchises.

It’s a good sign for remediation work. Families are more able to identify with those who have to protect themselves and others from moisture, mold and emergencies in general.  Already, Herman’s felt the extra satisfaction that comes from helping others navigate during a home water crisis.

“We just finished a mold job where two separate nationally known firms had previously not done proper drying of the structure nor had identified the source of the leak.  At the beginning  the insured was not sure they even wanted another mitigation company.   In the end, however, both the homeowner and the adjuster were delighted with our diagnosis and work product.  That included praise for our tech Edward and our overall communication with them.”

Recreation? These two brothers enjoy the usual: eating, traveling, family, fishing, golfing….  “Jerry and I are both New Orleans Saints Fans…born and raised!” proclaims Herman.  Being single “Jerry enjoys the night life and casinos a bit more and I like working around the house.”

Whatever their background, and whatever the size of their family tree, both Herman and Jerry

sought and chose a remediation future with a Rytech franchise. It promised and delivered the ability to be home with family while providing the opportunity to help others. 

“.. and the help and support I have received from the corporate office and other franchise owners, like Rytech of New Orleans…has made all the difference.”

Good luck to Rytech of Mississippi Gulf Coast!