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Government orders have been issued, withdrawn, and amended regarding masks, safe distancing, and public events. Rytech has remained diligent, reviewing local and state ordinances, CDC guidelines, and updating its business continuity plan.

As an “Essential Service” many Rytech franchises are approaching Commercial and Residential Cleaning “Application of Disinfectants” in different ways based on local demand and competition.

Rytech’s franchises offer COVID services (usually not covered by insurance) based on local demand and ordinances. Information concerning Commercial and Residential cleaning and application of disinfectants is available by calling 1-800-865-8787.  Basic protocols for every job include:

  1. Before the start and after finishing a job Rytech franchises clean and apply EPA approved disinfectants to all equipment based on CDC cleaning recommendations.
  2. Rytech has supplemented its supply of products such as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and EPA approved disinfectants to ensure it is fully equipped during this ever-changing situation.
  3. Technicians are trained in the use of, and fully equipped with, PPE throughout every job.

Various Franchise Activities, COVID-19

As entrepreneurs operating their own business, each Rytech franchise owner responds to the unique demands of their local communities.  Some moved quickly to provide a permanent recurring COVID-19 monthly service option.  Others found it challenging as they faced lower priced competitors such as janitorial services. A few are providing special offers to certain groups or even complimentary application of disinfectants for community centers and non-profits.

Rytech of Nashville–Robert Pick, owner of Rytech Nashville, provides a monthly contract for retail businesses or professional offices such as Day Spas and, for now, at least one Dental Clinic.  “We have done 6 jobs and initially expected more immediate interest. However, I believe revenue from this service will continue to grow” he says.                                                                                                    

Actually, believing that application of disinfectants is a long term investment with respect to retail operations like restaurants and taverns, Rytech Nashville jumped in by instituting a social media and email campaign promoting the service and promoting it at BNI and other networking events. “We’ve created a disinfecting page on our website and have purchased a supply of Pro-Kure to have on-hand so we can quickly respond to opportunities” Pick said. “This, and our monthly contract and a sticker on their front door certifying ‘proper application’ is what many are after.”

Rytech of the Tri-Counties—Due in part to a partnership with the Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA) Rytech of the Tri-counties (Miami Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties) has provided some special assistance to insurance agents in Southeast Florida as they begin to bring their employees back to the office.  “Insurance agents are small businesses concerned about employees.  They asked us to help” says Business Development Manager Daniel Kurzweil.  “We’ve done many of them and have even been called back due to the reinfection of a new employee that called on a client” he said.

“It was intuition at first” according to Kurzweil “…then property managers reached out to us and condo associations and strip malls.”  So now Rytech of the Tri-Counties has an email marketing campaign to potential referral sources like insurance agents and property managers.

Tri-Counties doesn’t offer a recurring monthly contract but, according to Kurzweil, “when an employee of a restaurant or bar, has gotten sick, they want to be able to have that sticker on their front door stating that CDC recommended disinfectants have been applied.”  And… “fortunately, we’ve been able to handle this demand with existing equipment and personnel, the latter being those with biohazard training as mold technicians.”

Rytech Treasure Coast and Rytech Tallahassee—Owners David and Maria MacInnes are moving enthusiastically, but cautiously, into COVID-19 services for their communities.   

Rytech Tallahassee & Treasure Coast Ad

Their Facebook states that…“Local businesses are preparing to reopen! But we know this down time might have led to unwanted mold in offices and stores due to heavy rains, turned off HVAC system, and prolonged periods of darkness.”  According to David, this approach has proven effective as new jobs have really picked up. “…and that’s one reason why Rytech Treasure Coast and Tallahassee offers a free mold inspection so businesses can be sure they’re ready to open their doors again after COVID restrictions are fully lifted.”

Specific to COVID-19 application of disinfectants, the MacInnes’s have had numerous inquiries and have received some bid requests—a few residences and three pediatric centers, for example.   The issue in many cases is that some are using janitorial services that are already on premises at night, or even their own people, scrubbing floors and surfaces.  “There are better methods for sure, but…they don’t feel it’s necessary” says David.  But soon “… the state employees will begin to return to their office buildings.”   

Rytech of Chicago—the owner of Rytech Chicago, Ray Gallant has gotten some well-deserved accolades for “donating labor and cleaning supplies to…the entire building housing the Joliet Illinois Cerebral Palsy center.”

Rytech applies disinfectants to Joliet Police cars

According to reporter John Ferak with the Joliet Patch online news, “this marks the second major sanitizing donation made by Rytech [Chicago] in recent months. Rytech also donated its equipment and manpower to… the Joliet Police Department’s entire fleet of vehicles in April.”

Ray Gallant told the Joliet Patch… “It’s just … a disinfectant that’s approved for COVID-19. It’s a great preventative measure. It’s not a mandated thing, but we wanted the Joliet police officers to feel a little better about being out there in the firing line.”  

As far as the Cerebral Palsy Center donation goes, Gallant told the Joliet Patch…”We had great feedback from a lot of people who were grateful for it. It could be a pretty penny, but it’s for a good cause, and they’re preparing for school,” he said. “It’s a plant-based product so it’s safe and non-toxic for students and staff.”

While the Joliet Patch article may not have used technically accurate descriptions for “applying disinfectants,” its’ article was, none the less, a tribute to another Rytech franchise involved in its’ community by helping in the fight against Coronavirus. The entire article can be viewed here.

What Customers are Saying!

So far, customers seem to approve of Rytech’s COVID-19 services and precautions.  Here are some “verified” reviews…

James P. Chalfont, PA · Created May 09, 2020

We had water damage due to slow leak to a dishwasher hose during the height of the Coronavirus outbreak and Rytech came out right away with their personal protective equipment on and dried everything up quickly to mitigate the damages.

Paul R. Nokomis, FL · Created Jun 03, 2020

Derek and Paul came promptly and handled our water leak with professionalism. During this time of Covid-19, they were prepared with masks and gloves, for which I was very grateful.

Kellye Rice, Nashville, TN.

As a dentist looking to reopen after COVID-19 Closure, you can imagine that proper disinfection after hours was REALLY important to me. Rytech Nashville came to measure, assess, and quote for us in a very timely and professional manner. What a comfort to know that my office is safe for my team and patients. Thank you Robert Pick and Rytech!

Diana M. Orlando, FL · June 24, 2020

The two gentlemen that came to my home followed the COVID 19 procedures and took extra precautions while in my home.


Rytech of Chicago Ad for Application of Disinfectants.