CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. Dominique Atchison–Rytech of the Midlands<br>January 2021 RYTE-TECH AWARD WINNER

CONGRATULATIONS! Mr. Dominique Atchison–Rytech of the Midlands

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Dominique, (Dom for short), is more than an outstanding Rytech technician.  He’s a man with passion about many things–kids are at the top of his list. But so, too, is doing the “Ryte thing!”

    January 2021‐Honorable Mentions
Eric Mason – Northeast Georgia (GA); Charlotte Schronce – Charleston (SC)
Robert Wijmeren – East Tennessee (TN)

Lyrik, Prince & Dom

Dom calls it an “honor” working for Rytech of the Midlands, something he started doing only six months ago. He was previously in Ohio, a Project Manager for one of Rytech’s national competitors. It was there he gained experience working large losses, traveling  and doing storm duty up and down the east coast.

It was the travel, perhaps, and the nights away from home that first turned Dom in Rytech’s direction. That, and his secret passion.  “I have a huge passion for helping people,” he says. “With Rytech I have the opportunity to do so on a daily basis. A lot of times our customers don’t understand the process of water/fire mitigation.”

Sounding like the first responder who runs directly to the fire… “Being able to help them understand and give them some peace of mind is huge for me. I love what I do!” But Dom’s “passion” doesn’t end there. “I have 5 beautiful children: Saniah and Dom Jr 13 year old twins; Gabby is 11 years old;  Lyrik is 10 and Prince is 3” he says, beaming as he speaks.  “I love my children beyond this world. Water/fire mitigation is tough on the mind as much as it is on your body and a lot of days my children keep me pushing forward– to work hard and to be successful.”

That’s also a connection for Dom—the Rytech family connection.  

Like most passionate people, Dom enjoys sports, especially in combination with love for his kids. “I enjoy playing ALL sports with my children.” But, again, it doesn’t stop there.

Example:  “This picture was taken” Dom says, “when I was on storm duty in Florida. I was headed offsite and saw them playing basketball outside in a neighborhood with no power…

…I told them if they beat me I’d buy chips and drinks….. they beat me!”

Losing a game of basketball as a way to help some kids he doesn’t even know to maybe find a better life…that’s Dom.  That’s passion!

My most challenging job was a biohazard job. An older gentleman had taken his life due to a chronic illness he’d been struggling with for years. Normally with such jobs the family is away  while it’s being cleaned. Not this time. Due to such a tragic death, emotions were very high, especially for the children. Working in the midst of a grieving family was very tough.

 I just had to ask the franchise owner…’How do you get use to this?’  Dom…“ he said “… you DON’T get used to it, it’s our lifestyle”. 

…a lifestyle suited for the passionate few, no doubt.

L to R: Gabby, Lryik, Niah & Dom Jr

Dom says of his current owners… “in my 10 years of doing this work, I’ve never been with such hands on owners– their doors are always open, and they treat their employees with the utmost respect.  Being given such an awesome opportunity was a blessing in its own. Having these two gentlemen pushing me to be not only a better technician but a better person speaks volumes about their character. They also don’t mind getting their hands dirty, which is pretty cool!”

So, does Dom want to quietly retire someday to a desert island or does he want to travel the world?  It’s the latter…sort of.  

“I would like to form a non-profit organization for children someday. Being from the inner city streets of New York, I know the power of a positive role model for kids. Having children myself, I understand the importance of teaching our youth how to be productive citizens to continue to make our country better….I want to continue helping people and travel the world doing so!” 

Congratulations Dom; while taking another step to your dreams you reminded the rest of us what’s important…

“Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate”– Jon Bon Jovi



Dom and the shiny van

Dom and the cleanest cuts

Dom and the tightest seals